Once Upon A Time, S6E8: “I’ll Be Your Mirror”

Are you watching this show? Do you wish someone would watch along with you because everyone else you know thinks it’s dumb?  Here is what I was saying while I was watching it–I WILL WATCH WITH YOU.
Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Ok, back after a couple weeks off. I see we are still in Ladyhawke mode. 
  • Had we established Regina had powers over all mirrors?  That seems like it would have come in handy for her in the past. 
  • Actually, this might be the best Snow and Charming’s relationship has ever been. 
  • Henry and Violet are so undramatic for such a constantly tumultuous romance. 
  • Man, Regina really isn’t firing on all cylinders lately. 
  • I feel as though Henry and Co. might have come up with tells for each other by now, in case of shape shifters. 
  • Oh man, Belle. Why in God’s Name would you think Zelina gives a rat’s ass about you or your baby?
  • Too bad the Will Scarlett dude from Wonderland’s contract apparently ran out, since he used to be the best thief in town. 
  • Belle now turning to full-out villain, as she guilt-trips some guy she doesn’t even know into sacrificing himself for her and her baby. 
  • The real person responsible for her sitch is, of course BELLE, and her chronically bad decision-making process. 
  • Still don’t get why Gold is so quick to get into bed, figuratively and literally, with the Evil Queen, when it seems clear it would serve him better with Belle to side against her. Isn’t she his whole purpose now?
  • Why does Evil Queen keep looking like she’s tearing up every time she talks to Henry?  Surely she can’t be capable of good impulses, the way Regina is capable of bad? 
  • I thought she was just the evil bits, not a fully developed person. 
  • Oh, oops. No one forgets a slouching nag. 
  • Shouldn’t Belle have a key to the shop by now?
  • I see Henry has the same success rate as his moms. 
  • I think they have had better dragons before. 
  • Did Emma just try stopping this dragon by throwing a rock at it while it flew by?
  • Ok, I thought they had a plan of some sort. Why did they start screaming for Henry to help them?
  • Henry:  Still the smartest guy in the room. 
  • Good thing Hook has so much practice shaking off concussions by now. 
  • Uhm, did we forget about the Dragon, who’s still stuck back there in the mirror?
  • Without his heart?
  • Jasmine might feel better about herself if she’d seen Belle try to talk Gold out of helping Emma get Hook back from the Underworld. 
  • Belle, don’t you think struggling before he slapped the cuff on you would have been more useful?
  • This must be the easiest week of work ever for Goodwin and Dallas. They basically just smooch and nap for the whole thing. 
  • Henry, you are so worth a better storyline than this cringeworthy teen romance. 
  • Oh ew
  • I guess Evil Queen and Gold were plotting something, but I was too busy pouring bleach in my eyes after they licked each other’s open mouth. 
  • Although, still less ew than Gold and Belle. 

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