Once Upon A Time, S6E4: “Strange Case”

Are you watching this show? Do you wish someone would watch along with you because everyone else you know thinks it’s dumb?  Here is what I was saying while I was watching it–I WILL WATCH WITH YOU.
Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Wow, that’s a different look. 
  • Man, Rumple keeps making terrible deals for himself. 
  • I don’t get why he lets them just walk out the door with the necklace.  It seems like there are plenty of ways for him to stop them without killing them.
  • Carlyle must have like nine wigs for this one episode. 
  • Scientists never figure out not to experiment on themselves. 
  • Kind of strange that the only one who ever comes to visit Belle is Hook.  I guess she didn’t have too much time to make friends after she got out of the cuckoo’s nest.
  • Ah Rumple. Always knowing what the ladies like. 
  • Imprisonment might not be the way back into Belle’s good graces. 
  • Still weird that Snow’s so into teaching right after she shook off the Mary Margaret part last season. 
  • Enter Jasmine?
  • Maybe Snow’s difficulty is that she used to teach like arts and crafts to grade-schoolers, and is now trying to teach physics to high-schoolers.
  • So everyone’s leaving Jekyll with no one magical to protect him?
  • Yep, that was a primo idea. 
  • With the addition of the girl, this becoming “The Nutty Professor.”
  • I don’t know why they think anyone besides Emma and Regina have any hope at facing down the Evil Queen, since Zelina and Gold apparently aren’t going to help. 
  • Man, Regina is totes not out-thinking the evils in this one. 
  • Why would Rumple want the potion poured on his dagger?
  • Mary is kind of flying her freak flag a little freely. 
  • I think this proves that in OUAT, no matter how clever you are, or how powerful you are, you never see through the old “switcheroo.”
  • Did he have to use his dagger? It seems like pretty much any dagger would have done. 
  • I would probably be trying to grab for my dagger back at this point. 
  • Ok Rumple.  This wasn’t helping.
  • Wow, Mary is a quick worker.
  • It seems weird that Mary hung out with Jekyll as much and was as friendly with him as she was for despising him the way she says she did.
  • Man, that Jekyll was kinda crazy. 
  • Well it’s nice that Hyde transforms with pants. 
  • Oh hey, Jekyll is still kinda crazy. 
  • Freaking Killian, who could never get the hang of cell phones and has to communicate by CONCH. 
  • Ok, how did Hook know to get there when he had just left for the other side of town and Belle had no conch?
  • Welp, I guess Witwer had other fish to fry.  I thought they were going to stick around a lot longer than that.
  • I guess the moral of the story is that if you split an asshole into two, you don’t necessarily get a good person and a bad person–you just get two assholes.
  • Hyde gone, and Regina needs to be dead.  So Rumple is pretty happy with this win-win sitch. 
  • Man, did they really need to stick De Ravin in that KMart nightie for the whole episode?
  • I like you Rumple, but that whole “you have to come back to me because you’ll never make it on your own” courtship method is pretty domestic abuser-y.
  • I’m not so sure you can depend on Emma to off you reliably, Regina.
  • Snow, if those kids are going to fail every test without someone turning class into a RenFest, you better start thinking of the fairy tale college you’re going to start up, because they’re never gonna make it into a real one.

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