Star Wars: The Old Republic Live-ish Blog. Chapter 15 of Jedi Consular “Knights of the Fallen Empire”

Spoiler Thoughts:
Chapter XV: The Gemini Deception
  • Ok, here we go with the next chapter.
  • It feels like it’s been so long, I hope I remember what we were doing. Something about the Eternal Fleet.
  • Oh, ok. I guess a whole bunch of you are coming along on this one.
  • Whatever we were supposed to do to keep them from shooting us doesn’t seem to be working that great.
  • Lol. Lana actually said “let it go.”
  • It’s quiet. Too quiet.
  • I feel like maybe Scorpio and Gemini could have this chat without killing the rest of us.
  • Scorpio pretty unconcerned about Lana, Senya, and Theron all stuck behind that door.
  • Oh ambush.
  • Dead.
  • Dead again.
  • Ok, finally wore them down by attrition.
  • Hm. My pole saber or whatever is wearing out.
  • Oh I’m glad I went on this expedition with spare equipment that was worse than what I had on.
  • Alas for Scorpio.
  • Man, not even a body left. Cold.
  • Ha ha. I have no idea how to get out of the supply area.
  • This Skytroopers Constructor is pretty vicious.
  • He keeps activating a never-ending supply of droids to help him.
  • Oh look, dead again.
  • And again.
  • I might have to continue this fight tomorrow.
  • Dead.
  • Ha ha. I just changed these boots and now they’re almost toast.
  • I might have to go back to the ship for more clothes.
  • Dead.
  • Ok, at least if you leave to go get a change of clothes, you can come back to where you left off.
  • Dead again. This is becoming tedious.
  • Dead.
  • Dead.
  • Wait, maybe I can do something to the activating panels while he’s messing with them.
  • Well I can interrupt them, but he’s still killing me.
  • Dead.
  • Even if I get a medical probe, he regains all his health every time I die, so I can’t whittle him down that way.
  • Dead.
  • Well it seems like every panel I break stays broken even after I die, so that’s something, at least.
  • FINALLY killed him.
  • Ok, found Theron and Lana at last.
  • Oh, are you kidding me? Now we have to go all the way back in the opposite direction again?
  • You are worst mapped level.
  • That was weird. It said there was useful tech in that one room, but the door slammed shut as I got near.
  • Man that final fight was nowhere near as tough as the constructor one.
  • Oh dammit, Scorpio.


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