E3 2016: EA Play


So E3 is this week.  Unhappily, a number of my favorite companies such as EA are skipping it this year, and even more unhappily, one of my favorite companies, Disney, is apparently skipping video games altogether.  To compensate, EA is holding a just-off-site affair called “EA Play” to give people a shot at their upcoming games.


Waiting to get in, we were visited by a happy PopCap zombie.


Walking in after registering and receiving a swag bag with Battlefield 1 flask and Titanfall 2 miniposter.


The event took place in the “Novo by Microsoft” area of the LA Live complex, adjoining the Convention Center, making it easy to pick up the E3 badge before heading into EA Play.


Four games were available for play:  Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, FIFA 17, and Madden NFL 17.


I had an opportunity to play both Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, at which time I was able to verify that I’m probably the worst FPS player in the history of FPS.  Like, it’s entirely possible that I was the first person ever in Battlefield 1 to sit there and let an enormous flaming Zeppelin fall on them.


There was also a counter selling We Love Fine merch from various EA franchises.


I knew that they wouldn’t be demoing anything from Mass Effect Andromeda or the new Star Wars games, but I had been hoping there would be displays or video or something…but not so much.

If you want to get me this $100 windbreaker, you will be accruing some good karma.


After you play Battlefield you can get a dogtag printed up, and after Titanfall you got a pin.  I don’t know what you might get from the other two games, because I was too demoralized to try them out.


They also had a concession counter running, for which everyone got a coupon for a free soda/water and sandwich, which was very nice.  Their usual video loop ran on the big screen in the theater so you could take your food up to the balcony and watch it while you ate.

On the whole, a nice affair, particularly for free.  It would have been more compelling if I actually played any of the games they had available, but I’ll have to try to practice up for next year.  Hopefully MEA will be their big push by then.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Live-ish Blog. Chapters 13-14 of Jedi Consular “Knights of the Fallen Empire”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder
  • Ok, back to the Spire mission. Kaliyo and Jorgan screwing up again.
  • I like the animation on Gault. Lana still looks like an action figure from the 70s.
  • This is apparently going to be Team-Who-Could-Benefit-From-Minor-Cosmetic-Surgery.
  • Isn’t it time we got some Cullen look-alikes on board here?
  • Oh please let our contact be Salacious Crumb.
  • “Ocean’s Jedi.”
  • How did Vaylin get here so fast?
  • Not sure Senya should expect too much for Mother’s Day.
  • Well that was a pretty happy ending.
  • Being BioWare however, that usually means your dog dies in the next scene.
  • That seemed short, but Gault was a more interesting character than most.
  • Everybody likes a good heist once in awhile.


  • Chapter XIV: Mandalore’s Revenge
  • Androids get so testy when they find copies of themselves.
  • Scorpio should talk to HK-47 about the droid planet he found in KotOR 2. OH WAIT THEY CUT THAT PART.
  • The secrecy of who our allies will be would be more effective if this chapter wasn’t essentially called FIGHT WITH THE MANDALORIANS.
  • Oh man, these emails from Avus Dayne are hilarious. He needs to take poetry lessons from the Blue Rose of Illium Krogan.
  • Ok, rearranged our inventory, like we’ve been forgetting to do for the last few chapters.
  • Great. This new chapter is so busy, I can’t find a non-destroyed walker to destroy.
  • Ok, reprogramming the guns.
  • Man, am I glad for Quick Travel.
  • Arcann suddenly lost interest in defeating everyone?
  • He went from “I’ll kill you and everyone remotely associated to you” to “eh.  I’ll just watch it all on TV.”
  • We’re…going to a Mandalorian party?
  • Oh, pretty much like New Year’s in LA.
  • Man, there are a lot of droids in this armory.
  • Lana wants us to sterilize the Krogans, I see.
  • Every time they stick us with a non-optional new companion, I feel like they couldn’t get the usual voice actors back for another chapter.
  • Oh ugh. The Mandalorian dude left us. I get into a fight, I’m gonna die.
  • Thank goodness we didn’t have to drag that thing all the way back to camp.
  • Khomo is kind of an ass.
  • Welcome aboard, Torian.
  • Scorpio is a bit of a creeper.
  • Well, hard not to think that we’ve been kind of treading water for the last couple of chapters.  I don’t feel like we’ve found out anything new or made huge progress–mostly just continuing to try to get a handle on the Eternal Fleet problem.
  • Hopefully this Genesis droid will actually let us do something, like all the other things we’ve found so far haven’t.