Once Upon A Time, S5E21: “Last Rites”

Are you watching this show? Do you wish someone would watch along with you because everyone else you know thinks it’s dumb?  Here is what I was saying while I was watching it–I WILL WATCH WITH YOU.
Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Hades and Zelena are so magical, it is raining everywhere but on them. 
  • Oh look, it’s that jerk Arthur. 
  • Look, they’re bonding over mutual evil. 
  • Ooh, that sounded like really bad chiropracty. Tough luck Arthur. 
  • Man, Merida is so awful. 
  • Zelina. Still continuing to back every wrong horse she sees. 
  • It is a truly sorry Underworld when the only person you can find to help you with your quest is the dude who killed you. 
  • This show is really not endearing Merida to me. 
  • Doesn’t Zelina think Regina is going to want her house back?
  • Emma’s not having a good day. 
  • Robin is apparently still grumpy at having sat out the first half of the season. 
  • Oh Rumple’s going to blame Emma for this whole thing. I don’t think she was around when you sold your kid, Rumple. 
  • That’s pretty good that Hook remembered the pages after all this. 
  • Hysterical!Emma! is kind of one-note. 
  • All his magic, and Rumple’s still using a flip phone. 
  • Wow, this scene is really making me think Robin’s going to eat it. 
  • Good thing the boat that was such a hot commodity back when Emma and Rumple needed one, was apparently just lying around when Hook needed it. 
  • Hook is pretty good to Arthur for having been killed by him. 
  • Emma and Zelena, doing a dive to the bottom of the barrel today. 
  • Yep. 
  • The Miller’s Granddaughters. Single again. 
  • You can do whatever you want Arthur. It’s not going to make up for you having date-raped your wife for years. 
  • Wow, Zeus is a lot younger than I would have thought. 
  • Zeus escorted Hook a whole three steps. 
  • Freaking Merida couldn’t even find a black dress. 
  • You know Snow, I think people are going to keep dying. You may have another day like today. 
  • Well, it’s kind of your fault for running off half-cocked all the time, but not all the way. 
  • Snow loves you Emma, but not enough to leave you the umbrella.
  • I feel like maybe Emma would have initially suspected this was a trick or a hallucination or something.
  • I guess Rumple went out for coffee this episode after threatening to kill Belle’s dad. 
  • Are you kidding me?! They knew this thing was powerful enough to kill a god, and they didn’t look for pieces?
  • Actually, why did Hades kill Arthur in the first place? What did that do except help Hook?
  • I suspect we may have some more discussion about villains never getting their happy endings again.
  • Although, Cruella seems pretty happy now.

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