Star Wars: The Old Republic Live-ish Blog. Chapters 8-10 of “Knights of the Fallen Empire”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Chapter IIX: Taking Flight
  • Scorpio and HK-55 might not be BFFs.
  • Hm. Is this a bad time, Heskal?
  • Oh, I guess it was.
  • Heskal, useless to the last.
  • Well I guess it’s Mother-Daughter dance night.
  • I think Senya still wants to think Vaylin isn’t batcrap crazy.
  • Ok, I thought we left Koth behind, but now he’s here?
  • Not sure what to do, at this point. Maybe a bug.
  • Ok, restarted, and had a fight they skipped last time.
  • Always a bad sign when you walk into an area and there happen to be a bunch of kolto stations just hanging about.
  • Wow, Arcann is rag dolling us pretty good here.
  • Oh and now he’s all “NO TOUCHEE!” You have some complexes Arcann.
  • Noooo! HK-55!
  • Oh that looked like it smarted.
  • Like worse than a bee sting.
  • I’m glad we can just walk off an impalement.
  • Arishok all over again.
  • That hole in my back doesn’t look so good.
  • It’s really stealthy with me screaming and groaning every few seconds.
  • Boy, it’s a good thing these guys are terrible shots, because it looks like the Gravestone has no shields.
  • Chapter IX: The Alliance
  • The music for this game is really good.
  • Montage! Montage!
  • Theron’s back! At least it’s going better than Horizon with Kaiden.
  • Our shiiiiip!
  • Even dead, Heskal is sending crazy messages from beyond the grave.
  • I feel like we just reached Skyhold.
  • Oh, romance lock-in time. Who shall it be? Lana, Theron, or Koth?
  • Well we made C2-N2 happy but we may have also just killed him.
  • That was a pretty sedate romance scene.
  • This is apparently a family show.
  • Senya is just a barrel of laughs.
  • Arcann, you dupe.
  • Satele, what if you stopped just hanging out with dead guys, and came and helped?
  • Well the ship seems same as always, although a lot emptier.
  • Qyzen! He doesn’t seem that surprised to see me, after I’ve been frozen for five years.
  • Well at least these alliance-building missions don’t make us waste a lot of time in travel.
  • M1-4x is basically the Tom Cruise character in the film where he dies a lot.
  • Ok, you need to do PvP to get him, so forget it.
  • Lokin needs…a bunch of stuff you have to pay for? Or wait for an event?
  • Pass.
  • This is turning out to be kind of a weak alliance.
  • So now it kind of feels like we’re back to the class storyline-ish missions. Understandable, but kind of a let down from how good the last 8 chapters were.
  • Also, I guess they couldn’t keep up with all the voice work, because some of the time we’re back to the silent protagonist.
  • Uggh. The Star Fortress is a Flashpoint.
  • Oh and we’re not going to get any help at all. Fantastic.
  • Died immediately. So that’s good.
  • In jail with a prison collar on.
  • Ok, after dying half a dozen times, it turns out that you can call a companion.
  • Oh uggh. Every time you die, you go back to start.
  • Man, I do not know how this seeker droid works, for nothing.
  • Ok, apparently we can’t progress in the Star Killer quest without doing Heroic missions.
  • That seems hard.
  • UGH. Back to flashpoint.
  • Oh great. It says the heroic missions are only for two or more players, or for solos who have strengthened their alliance.
  • I guess we’ll find out if we strengthened it enough.
  • It won’t let me in the Flashpoint, because it says I already have an open one on solo difficulty.
  • Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to live with the star fortresses.
  • Ok, came back to it and now it’s letting me in.
  • Fun fact: if you submit a ticket about a flashpoint not working, you get an email stating that they only give support for class missions.
  • So I guess this bit is just doing these heroic missions until you maximize your alliance strength with each advisor, and your friendships with your companions.
  • Kinda grindy.
  • HK-55! He fixed HK-55!
  • HK is so fun.
  • Ok, raised all the associates over 10, and have Lana to 11. Now let’s try the Star Fortress again.
  • Died at Praetorian.
  • Died at Praetorian.
  • The guards respawn.
  • Ok, I think we may officially bag the Star Fortress quests.
  • So long whoever I was supposed to recruit from them. We never knew ye.


  • Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise
  • Oh good. A potential ally no one likes, who’s a terrorist.
  • So the Alliance is going well.
  • She keeps saying I stole her thunder. I’m not sure it means what she thinks it means.
  • Oh you’ll leave me to it, Theron? With this deranged terrorist and skytroopers on the way?
  • Kaliyo isn’t exactly a people person.
Firebrand has a pretty plush pad for a terrorist.
  • These mission descriptions are getting kind of terse.
  • Valkorion sounds like he has a thing for Kaliyo, which would be none of my business if it wasn’t going on inside my head.
  • At least Vaylin seems like she’s having fun.
  • Well, chapter X was probably the least impressive of the ones so far.
  • The missions were pretty repetitive, stealth was useless, and Kaliyo as a character seemed pretty familiar.
  • Like if Jack was slightly less insane.

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