Star Wars: The Old Republic Live-ish Blog. Chapters 4-7 of “Knights of the Fallen Empire”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Chapter 4: The Gravestone
  • Lana’s going to try burying a whole spaceship with a shovel?
  • HK-55 is the best.
  • “Target has achieved deadness.”
  • There’s banter?  We’ve achieved banter status?
  • Oh, my subscription just ran out. Well, I guess we’ll see how that effects gameplay.
  • Found the Gravestone which appears to be a bit of a fixer-upper.
  • So I guess, unlike the other non-class quests, Fallen Empire is really just solo, because I can’t imagine how it’d work if you had another player with you.
  • It looks like it was just was well we slept through the last five years, because they sound like kind of a bummer.
  • It’s kind of lame that it keeps making me fight these rancor saying they’re blocking my way when I’ve already totally stealthed by them.
  • Glad Lana is so understanding that I might have the Emperor of Evil living in my noggin.
  • I like these poor lost droids, just hanging out in the swamp, available for trade or medical assistance.
  • Man, HK-55 did a lousy patrol job.
  • OMG, a musical repair montage.
  • I’m surprised they aren’t playing Eye of the Tiger.
  • Who makes a ship with a floor called “Dark Sanctuary?”
  • How long have we been on this thing, and no one noticed a huge monolith in the basement?
  • Chapter Five: From the Grave
  • Oh man, are they actually going to let Lana die if I don’t go dark?
  • I would have rather worked the shields with Lana instead of the gun, but ok.
  • How did all these guys get on the ship? We’re in space now!
  • Wow, that was some Tholian Web level destruction.
  • Well this crew certainly is a little more vocal than the last one.
  • Satele made it!
  • Marr, not so much.
  • Chapter 6: Asylum
  • Koth is doing kind of a suboptimal parking job.
  • Four companions, and only HK-55 is dealing straight with me.
  • Oggo didn’t even drop any loot. Some crime boss.
  • It’s interesting that in general, you don’t get a choice of companions. I guess so your relationship can be deeper rather than broader?
  • Senya set us up for hazing?
  • I feel like eventually, someone’s going to notice we talk to dead people.
  • The Emperor keeps threatening us with dire consequences if we don’t let him use our body, but so far we seem to be doing ok on our own.
  • Trial’s up man. You guys in or out?
  • OH. SNAP.
  • Senya, burying the lede.
  • Chapter 7: The Lady of Sorrows


  • TMI Senya.
  • Kinda weird that all these people are so attached to the Emperor of Eeeevil.
  • Senya likes job/personal life separation.
  • I’m glad Valkorian is using my skull to go sight-seeing.
  • Ok, I totally don’t understand Arcann’s deal. He was so anxious to get us, but then lost interest?
  • Nice.  Zakuul is kind of a crap place.
  • Well given that Koth wants to negotiate with the Heralds, and Senya just wants to bust heads, I think we’ll go with Koth.
  • If the Lady of sorrows ends up being the Shadow Broker, I’m going to laugh.
  • I like how he blames me, because his boss killed his partner.
  • Scorpio isn’t much of a conversationalist.

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