Once Upon A Time, S5E15: “The Brothers Jones”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Man, it really bugs me that her license plate reads “Dev Il” instead of “De Vil.”
  • I do think that Cruella has so far worked a lot better in this storyline than her original one. The fact that she’s the only one with insight into the Author gives her significance that the dog breath thing really didn’t.
  • I still don’t think Emma should get a dark mark for killing her though. If she didn’t know Cruella couldn’t kill Henry, it was still self (?) defense. 
  • The idea that bringing that witch back to life undoes it seems like sophistry. 
  • BTW, let’s not forget what the curse taught us: The thing Cruella loves most, is MURDER. 
  • The Apprentice is also up there with Mila as the ultimate cause of gargantuan evils. 
  • Emma got the power of dry cleaning. 
  • Hm. Hook’s bro is kinda a jerk. 
  • Henry, you are the worst liar. 
  • Did it ever occur to Liam that he was a moron for not taking charge of all the money when he knew Killian was a doof?
  • Wow, if the prospect of sleeping with Cruella doesn’t actually make Charming barf, he really is a hero. 
  • This is some awkward exposition from the Brothers Jones. 
  • Liam, you loser. 
  • Man. As psycho as Cruella is, she is still way smarter than Charming. 
  • Well, to be fair, Charming’s Mom did sell him, too, as soon as the original money ran out. 
  • Gosh, remember when Emma had a superpower about knowing when people were lying?
  • Why does Hades speak like a Shatner impersonator?
  • Oh Liam. Your birds are done come home to roost. 
  • Ok, it is amazing that a large group of guys can throw bags over two guys heads, who doubtless are struggling and yelling, and march them all the way through town to the library in the middle of Main St., and no one blinks an eye. 
  • Are you kidding me? Dude killed a whole ship full of people, and he makes up for it by sacrificing himself for just his brother?
  • He wasn’t even sorry about any of them, in the end! He was sorry Killian found out!
  • Killian was pretty credulous buying this story to begin with. “Providence did the rest.”
  • Liam could at least have read the pages so he could have told someone what they said. 
  • Charming, your Mom sold you. And that was even after she was trying to get you to marry for money.
  • GDI. You can never get free of Zelina. 
  • It’s like she has the same agent as that Will Scarlett guy. 
  • I guess Rumple had to go have a nap after all the activity of last week.

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