Once Upon A Time, S5E13: “Labor of Love”

You can never have too many zippers in the Underworld.
Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Wonder if it’s Meg?
  • Well Hook certainly did a turnaround after Emma stabbed the darkness out of him. Wonder why it didn’t take that way for Rumple?
  • I would be totally paranoid by now if I was Snow, that David was James substituting.
  • Like maybe make Charming dye his hair or have a code word or something.
  • If the only people who died in Snow’s whole kingdom are represented by the handful of tombstones in the Storybrooke cemetery, I’d say she did a pretty good job.
  • How do these people think a 13 year-old can help them? Why doesn’t she send an army?
  • Her Dad wasn’t much for planning for emergencies.
  • If you fall in a trap, maybe calling attention to yourself isn’t what you want. 
  • BB Herc!
  • Hercules died?
  • That wasn’t how the Disney film ended. 
  • Regina just now remembered she has maps?
  • Sad that housing is easier to come by in the Underworld than LA. 
  • What if Hercules just beat up the bandits for Snow? I’m pretty sure the villagers didn’t actually expect Snow to kill the bandits herself. 
  • Hansel and Gretel’s witch is pretty forgiving to Regina considering she killed her. 
  • I kind of think questions like “how did you die” could be important. 
  • I thought the dwarfs taught Snow archery? Or am I thinking of another retelling?
  • Oh wait, that might have been the one with Julia Roberts. 
  • Why does anyone have to stand guard outside the office if the spell doesn’t let anyone in?
  • Doesn’t it seem like Cruella would be the best person to control Cerberus?
  • Well this does seem like a pretty poorly thought out plan, Snow.
  • I guess Regina eventually gave up on that whole “I won’t make her into a martyr” thing. 
  • Cruella’s eyebrows look better in death.
  • I feel like Emma is ok without bringing Cruella back to life.
  • Regina seems a little dismissive about the part where she took Snow’s kingdom, trapped everyone in misery for 28 years and kept Snow childless.
  • Not sure you can just go “no biggie” on that one.
  • Didn’t Charming give a big speech early on about how everyone needed both versions of themselves?
  • Nice Snow. I don’t even think that’s your bow you’re trying to break.
  • Why doesn’t Emma just blink them away like last time?
  • This still seems like a pretty half-assed plan, Snow.
  • What’s to keep these bandits from coming back tomorrow?
  • If those guys hadn’t been told not to kill her, I think Snow would have been toast.
  • If you know the thing has three heads, why would you split up in parties of two?
  • That’s right. Give the girl with no fighting experience the worst weapon.
  • No mod-sixties-vibe overlay is going to make “The Catch” an attractive program to me.
  • It’s a trap, Herc!
  • I don’t know why anyone of them would want to keep the loser personas Regina cursed them with anyway.
  • That’s right Henry. Keeping secrets always works great in your family.
  • Well this kind of seems like a no-brainer. Start with Gold, anyway.

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