Once Upon A Time, S5E12: “Souls of the Departed”

The Underworld has better tailors.
Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Neal! I’m sure he’s glad that Emma went to Hell to get Hook back, but not him. 
  • “I’ve always loved you and I always will.”  Ok, see you. Time to get back to the amusement park. 
  • Oh good. They went to the “Walking Dead” version of Storybrooke. 
  • Is that Phoebe’s brother? From “Friends?”
  • Well kind of a crappy birthday for Regina. 
  • At least she got pie. 
  • Cora! Looking kinda evil. 
  • I’m not sure splitting up is ever a great idea. 
  • Eeeevil Charming! And Snow White couldn’t tell who was macking on her!
  • Yeah, you might want to table that discussion for another time, Snow. 
  • Regina has way better clothes as queen. 
  • Cora, it took you too long to realize it because you ripped out your own heart. 
  • Well bye, Phoebe’s brother.
  • Regina seems a little bit shocked at murder for someone who once killed a whole village of people. 
  • Belle is pretty heartless now, considering she doesn’t even want Gold to go help rescue Hook. 
  • The Master of Time and Space!  And he still has that subconjunctival heme on the right eye. 
  • I like this kid. 
  • Preggers Snow White!
  • Man, Regina’s dad was pretty ineffectual, and so far he was the best dad. 
  • I think Peter Pan watered down the potion. 
  • OMG! This is supposed to mirror the first episode when it was Emma’s birthday!
  • …What?
  • Ignoring the thing with the hearts, did Jiminy Cricket just spend time in Snow White’s boobs?!
  • She seems a lot more ok with this than I’d expect. 
  • Regina, I think you eventually did something to hurt him. 
  • Did Regina steal the potion?
  • Actually, isn’t Regina’s father in no way related to Henry?
  • I forget how whether Cora ended up with the King or the Prince, but they seemed pretty awful back then. I guess living with Cora could make you sensible of the need for virtue after awhile. 
  • I don’t know that I buy Gold turning back to total evil again. It’s pretty soon after he achieved hero status. 
  • So looking back, the whole thing seems like it was supposed to be a mirror to episode one–in which Emma has a birthday, makes a wish to not be alone, gets Henry (Jr.), begins to believe in the curse, and the clock starts ticking.
  • Episode 100, Regina has a birthday, makes a wish to kill Snow, loses Henry (Sr.), begins to believe in herself, and the clock starts ticking.
  • Wait, did we forget about Hook burning in Hellfire while we start going around saving everyone?

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