Once Upon A Time, S5E10: “Broken Heart”

Ok, only a week or so before Once Upon A Time starts up again.  Time to catch up!

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Rumple is the best. 
  • As the years go on, I feel like Rumple’s green-ness gets a little more spottier applied. 
  • Yeah, that’s right Regina. You try being judgey in this circumstance. 
  • I always think these guys must love it when their characters go evil again. It’s so much more to play. 
  • Especially Hook, who was just relegated to pining after Emma for so long. 
  • The Dark Ones have chronicles?
  • Everyone wishing they were somewhere else, while Henry lowers the boom down on Emma. 
  • I do think Emma’s getting the short end of the stick. It’s not like any of them could gave helped her even if she came to them. 
  • They’d just be all “oh, tough about Hook. Well, back to frolicking around with my true love some more. Bye.”
  • They did get a spiffy new wardrobe back in Camelot. 
  • I think these open-ended “meet me here and I’ll know how you feel” arrangements are recipes for disaster. 
  • Ugh. If anything would make me want the Dark Ones to win, it’s Merida. 
  • Why would Emma leave him alone? She knows Rumple will come back. 
  • This seems like Hook’s overreacting a little here. 
  • Yeah, that’s right Gold. You try being judgey in these circumstances. 
  • What’s to prevent Zelina from just zapping off with the baby?
  • Kind of justice, since Merlin being a sap created the Dark Ones to begin with. 
  • Henry’s awesome. 
  • Ha ha. Rumple saving Gold is great. 
  • I feel like we’ve played this scene out by the well a few times before. 
  • Rumple is such a helper. 
  • Wait, there’s a portal to the underworld that just happens to be in a lake in Storybrooke?
  • I don’t know whether that should make the real estate value go up or down. 
  • I totally don’t remember the thing with Robin and the fury. 

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