Once Upon A Time, S5E10: “Broken Heart”

Ok, only a week or so before Once Upon A Time starts up again.  Time to catch up!

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Rumple is the best. 
  • As the years go on, I feel like Rumple’s green-ness gets a little more spottier applied. 
  • Yeah, that’s right Regina. You try being judgey in this circumstance. 
  • I always think these guys must love it when their characters go evil again. It’s so much more to play. 
  • Especially Hook, who was just relegated to pining after Emma for so long. 
  • The Dark Ones have chronicles?
  • Everyone wishing they were somewhere else, while Henry lowers the boom down on Emma. 
  • I do think Emma’s getting the short end of the stick. It’s not like any of them could gave helped her even if she came to them. 
  • They’d just be all “oh, tough about Hook. Well, back to frolicking around with my true love some more. Bye.”
  • They did get a spiffy new wardrobe back in Camelot. 
  • I think these open-ended “meet me here and I’ll know how you feel” arrangements are recipes for disaster. 
  • Ugh. If anything would make me want the Dark Ones to win, it’s Merida. 
  • Why would Emma leave him alone? She knows Rumple will come back. 
  • This seems like Hook’s overreacting a little here. 
  • Yeah, that’s right Gold. You try being judgey in these circumstances. 
  • What’s to prevent Zelina from just zapping off with the baby?
  • Kind of justice, since Merlin being a sap created the Dark Ones to begin with. 
  • Henry’s awesome. 
  • Ha ha. Rumple saving Gold is great. 
  • I feel like we’ve played this scene out by the well a few times before. 
  • Rumple is such a helper. 
  • Wait, there’s a portal to the underworld that just happens to be in a lake in Storybrooke?
  • I don’t know whether that should make the real estate value go up or down. 
  • I totally don’t remember the thing with Robin and the fury. 

Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode 18: “Maid of Gevaudan”

Screenshot (41)

Spoiler Thoughts:

    • I am the worst with history. I don’t even know which side I’m supposed to be rooting for, here.
    • I thought Deucalion was the Demon Wolf?
    • Apparently it’s story time with Gerard.
    • Alison!
    • There is another.” How very Star Wars-y of you, Argents.
    • Stiles is just not equipped for medic duty.
    • I would think that a) he would need more pain abstracted than that, and b) Hayden would have felt a little pain there herself.
    • I guess the Argent girls have always been good with a bow.
    • The Innkeeper is pretty chill over having FrenchAlison shoot a crossbow that close to his head.
    • Maybe she does this all the time, in which case I don’t know if I’d invite her back to the Inn.
    • This is a pretty liberated town, to happily accept that their best hunter is a girl.
    • Ooh, interesting–the olden days footage is letterboxed, while the present day story is full-screen.
    • Maybe firing random crossbows at something you don’t see isn’t the way to go, FrenchAlison.
    • This is why open carry isn’t a good idea.
    • Also, how is she firing one bolt after the other? Video games have shown us crossbows only give you one shot, and then they take forever to reload.
Screenshot (45)
“Hi, I’m here to talk to you about the Latter Day Saints.”
  • “That was no wolf!” The villagers have been putting up signs advertising a Beast for some time, FrenchAlison. I think they’d be able to recognize a wolf.
  • Like Braeden doesn’t have other stuff to do besides pull Beacon Hill’s fat out of the fire.
  • Girl doesn’t have the sense to run when a huge beast attacks in Beacon Hills, girl is going to wind up as kibble.
  • Maybe FrenchAlison should wonder why this dude has spent half his life trying to figure out defenses against a creature no one believed in until, like, a week ago.
  • Scott hates this library.
  • Do we know the girl with the hat? She looks familiar but I don’t remember her.
Screenshot (46)
Heeere’s Beast-y!
  • Well plus FrenchAlison can’t take out another hunting party, because who’s gonna sign up when 100% of her guys got et?
  • Maybe you shouldn’t be rinsing this guys blood right into the DRINKING WELL?!
  • So what was she doing with the drink? Trying to drug everyone in hopes of getting into the cellar? Or was it just werewolf poison?
  • What was this guy to FrenchAlison’s brother that he was willing to hide all those bodies for him? Because that’s kind of farther than I’d go for most people.
  • That’s how you become a Demon Wolf? You drink from a puddle?
  • Braeden, that was also a lot of shots from a weapon that I thought could have two shots. Evidently, video games are ripping me off.
  • Wow, until this minute, I didn’t realize Marcel and Henri were two different guys.
  • This is another example of a story where I feel like we are supposed to be surprised at the end over something that was laid out for us earlier.
Screenshot (47)
  • Maybe they should go to the next town over, Sunnyvale, and pick up Buffy.
  • It better not be Mason, is all I’m saying.
  • DAMN IT.
  • Like Scott couldn’t track Mason and invisible guy by scent?


Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode 17: “A Credible Threat”

Screenshot (34)-001
Reason #32 on Why Taking The Bus Sucks.

Spoiler Thoughts:

    • Sleepover at Parrish’s!
    • Argent is always the guy you call when you’re looking for someone totally ok with shooting you.
    • Parrish is moving too fast? Or you’re moving at the speed of Scott’s SAT prep, Argent?
    • Why were all these kids on the bus in the middle of the night?
    • Where does everyone get their mountain ash? It’s like WalMart sells jars of it.
    • Oh hrm.
    • Well I guess it was all above-board if she left her knee socks on.
    • Invisible Guy is ready to get the Hell out of Dodge.
    • Good thing Invisible Guy didn’t get any scars on the moneymaker.
    • Lydia, Beacon Hills has never ever had a regular lacrosse game.
    • Parrish, this is maybe one of the few instances where the library is not that much help to you.
    • COACH.
Screenshot (35)
A person locked away from the murderous supernatural in Beacon Hills is a happy person.
      • This is how people survive in Beacon Hills.
      • Oh WTH Argent. Why are you going to stick poor Parrish in a transmogrifier?
      • I dunno guys. The Beast doesn’t look a whole lot like a werewolf. I think that’s why we’re not calling it “The Werewolf.”
      • Parrish still hasn’t learned not to ask for rational explanations of the irrational.
      • Can’t anyone give poor Parrish a washcloth or something at least, before they lock him in the fridge?
      • Ugh, Kira. So awk.
      • Admit it. You never thought Coach would forfeit the game either.
      • They would have had a better chance taking the replacement coach over to the Argents’ and have him/her watch Parrish freeze in the basement.
      • What makes us think a normal person wouldn’t see blood on their shoes and clean it off? 
      • …What?
      • Nooo, Parrish!
      • Dammit Kira.
      • Of course, if Kira had any control over her powers, she would have been a good person to put on electrical short-out duty, but no.
      • I’m not so sure Kira should totally be dissing this girl’s accent.
      • I feel like maybe this wasn’t the right tact for this girl to take, if she was trying to make Kira less aggressive.
      • Stiles must be the only non-supernatural lacrosse player in Beacon Hills.
      • I’m guessing Desert Wolf isn’t really into charity games.
      • Oh man, they just put Stiles in a Xander shot.
Screenshot (39)
Come on, Stiles hasn’t been this derpy for ages.
    • Liam, I feel this is an ill-considered move.
Screenshot (38)
Don’t leave me hangin’, bro!
  • “What is that?”   Kira, have you even been paying attention in the pack meetings?

Star Wars: The Old Republic Not-Live Blog. Children of the Emperor

Spoiler Thoughts:

So here’s the thing.  For whatever reason, I lost the notes I made on a huge swath of gameplay, so we’ll just hit the high points of whatever I remember.  On the upside, after this, I think I figured out where the screenshots were saved.

Chapter 3:  Children of the Emperor
  • I’m glad we’re going to all this trouble to break out the Esh-Ka and recruit them for our army, when most of our troubles in the past have stemmed from trying to shove the Esh-Ka back in the slammer.
  • I’m not so sure I feel like the Rakata are so much more desirable than the Children of the Emperor, but I guess.
  • Good thing this ship must have more bedrooms than I can see, or the Rift Ambassadors are going to start having to double up.
  • Poor Senator Grell.  Good thing he just updated his will with the Jedi Council.
  • Welcome aboard Nadia.  I guess those AP courses you took let you bypass the whole eternity I spent on Tython with the Flesh Traders or whatever.
  • On to Voss.  I would have to say, I think the Voss is one of the must frustrating races.  They say they want to be totally neutral, but immediately seem to back the Sith whenever you turn around.
  • Then, when you save their bacon, they’re all “huh.  That’s weird.”  And then happily go on playing both sides until the Sith dupe them again.
  • The Voss might be a) self-absorbed and b) not that bright, is what I’m saying.
  • I’m glad no one in the history of the Old Republic has ever been able to figure out when something is just a trap.
  • Where is Ackbar when I need him.
  • At the end of the exploding ship trap, our kind-of romance interest Iresso escape podded it down to war-torn Corellia.
  • On the one hand, that’s a pity, and on the other hand, maybe it’s a good chance to break it off.
  • I feel like Nathan Fillion would have been a good choice to voice this freedom fighter guy that’s going to help us get Iresso.
  • But then again, I usually feel Nathan Fillion would be a good choice for a voice.
  • The big twist for this would probably have been more surprising if they hadn’t already shown us the big reveal in an earlier vision.
  • I never get that.  Like with “The Prestige,” when I felt we were supposed to be all shocked and horrified at the end–but we SAW how the machine worked earlier in the film!  Was everyone just supposed to forget about that by the end?
  • Well anyway, saved all the sleeper agents, including the infamous First Son.
  • The ending is a little bizarre, with a big ceremony after you liberate Corellia, and then you still have to sneak out past all these dudes that still are hanging around waiting to kill you.
  • Apparently they didn’t get the Big Fat Hero memo.
  • So that’s the end of the Jedi Consular class storyline, I guess?
  • While it wasn’t always riveting, and seemed like a lot of fetch and carry/fight missions, it did have a lot more story than I thought it would, and certainly was way better than I found it during the initial beta test.
  • It was interesting enough to make me want to go back and play the other class storylines as well.
  • The one bizarre thing was that it always seemed like such an ordeal to come back to the ship that I inevitably only did so between finishing planets.
  • Consequently, a lot of the companion content just came in a big bolus when I’d come back after liberating a planet, and then…nothing.
  • I don’t know if that’s how it was supposed to be, or if I just ended up making it that way because I didn’t get a chance to visit them regularly.
  • So then we did the intermediary missions “Crystal Ball” and “Rise of the Hutt Cartel” which were so exciting I honestly don’t even remember what the deal was with “Crystal Ball.”
  • Mostly I remember hating the fact that you would periodically get stuck doing Flashpoint missions or you couldn’t advance in the story.
  • I hate Flashpoint missions, even though they made them so you can solo them, because there’s no way to save and if you have to leave in the middle, or in fact, right near the end, it makes you do the whole thing again.
  • Plus, they seem buggy as all get out.  A few times, after I died, my robot pal and my companion would periodically not resuscitate with me, or would start blinking out in inopportune times during the fight.  Alternatively, the bosses would reset after I had almost defeated them and would keep abruptly reappearing with full health again.
  • Of course, these were always the boss fights, which means if I quit and restarted, I’d have to go through the entire Flashpoint again.
  • So neg on that.
  • Plus, I thought you could really tell that the budget for these was clearly a lot smaller than for the main class missions, since the planets were not fully rendered, but had sort of islands of territory you had to transport between.
  • Also the animation on some of the characters was pretty rough.  Lana in particular always looked like they skimped on her face development a little.
  • I actually think there was another mission you could do before Shadow of Revan, but after starting it and realizing it was going to be another half-dozen missions before a bunch of flashpoints, I bagged it and moved on.

Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode 16: “Lie Ability”

Screenshot (29)
Why fight matches usually have weight divisions.

Spoiler Thoughts:

    • If the best encouragement Theo could give me to attack someone was “you’ll heal,” I might start thinking he didn’t have my best interests at heart.
    • Parrish seems like he’s going pretty easy on people trying to poison and electrocute him.
    • What in God’s Name did the guy whose superpower is changing colors think he was going to do against a Hellhound?
    • So you kind of tapped the guy trying to electrocute you against the wall, but fried the guy who was holding your wrist?  Harsh, Parrish.
    • Man, Mason may need a new date for the prom.
    • Theo, if you want to recruit people for your pack, maybe perforating them with a steel bar isn’t the best opener.
    • Err…what?
    • Man, her hair is pretty curly still, for all that writhing around.
Screenshot (30)
I trust him.
    • Deucalion, giving out fatherly advice. He’s such a giver.
    • Scott isn’t the best spy.
    • Huh, I totally thought Meredith was dead by now.
    • Scorpion girl is pretty psycho.
    • You would think Kira would have read up on electricity after she discovered she was electricity.
    • All this whining and self-doubt isn’t really getting the job done, Kira.
    • It’s a measure of how messed up Teen Wolf usually is, that it never occurred to me how weird this scene where they just casually stroll through the room of cringing naked guys was until way afterwards.
Screenshot (31)
In Beacon Hills, we call this “Tuesday.”
    • Maybe Meredith was just trying to say your skin was soft, Scott.  No need to immediately start thinking everyone wants to get stabbed in the back of the neck.
    • Liam seems to be sweating it a little here.
Screenshot (32)
It’s ok Liam. Just use all that energy you had when you TRIED TO KILL SCOTT.
    • Parrish seems like he’s probably a little occupied right now, with the impalement and all.
    • Poor paralyzed Deucalion.  I trust him.
    • Theo, you have a better chance at Brother of the Year award than of ever getting Stiles to trust you.
    • Killing your sister =/= believing in Santa on the naïveté scale.
    • Valach could have at least put on Sinatra or something.
    • Poor Parrish is constantly waking up completely confused and horrified. And probably chilly.
    • Malia and Electroguy having the worst trust exercise ever.
    • Stiles and Theo are the Mulder/Krycek equivalent.
    • Theo:  King of the Unconvincing Rationalization
    • Lydia would probably be more sympathetic to Valach’s sad history if he hadn’t just drilled a hole into her head.
    • Lydia is horrified at having to wear that ugly hat.
    • Posey makes the worst face here. Like he’s had experience lighting aerosol cans before and none of it was good.
    • Mason is my spirit animal.
    • Oh wow, that is why I don’t like loud noises.
Screenshot (33)
  • Dylan, keeping in shape for Maze Runner 3.
  • Theo is always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
  • Mason is all of us.
  • So unpleasant, Hayden.  Don’t you be mean to Mason.
  • Parrish burnt through the Mountain Ash?
  • Isn’t the point of ash, it’s what doesn’t get burnt up?
  • Wow, Parrish totally did the Charles Atlas “go away little man” maneuver on Stiles.
  • Holy…
  • Well to be fair, Mrs. Martin, you did put her into that Hellhole.
  • This is really taking a toll on that poor jeep.
  • Scott’s all “worst backseat passengers ever.”
  • Deaton, man, you knew they were coming–why for did you not have that stuff drawn up already?
  • Deaton, man, you know how to check if something’s alive or dead. Why for are you making Stiles go through this?
  • Well to be fair, the other guys did help a little.
  • But maybe Lydia’s Mom will get off Stiles’ back now.
  • Coach!  Coach is coming back!

Review: “Dragon Age: Magekiller” # 3

Magekillers #3 continues Greg Rucka’s story of Tessa and Marius–mage-killing mercenaries set in the Dragon Age universe.

The third volume of this Dragon Age tie-in shows Tessa and Marius doing what they do best–reluctantly, and against their better judgement–helping the needy.  With the introduction last volume of the omnipresent fade rifts in the sky spewing out demons, there is no shortage of people in peril or creatures bringing peril, and the pair barely hesitate to jump in between them.

This month, we seem to have returned to the basic structure of the first issue, in which most of the book is taken up by a colossal and dramatic fight, with Tessa doing voice-over exposition around it.  While it’s of interest to learn about Tessa’s background, and certainly essential to set up the fade rift situation, the latter is knowledge that anyone familiar with Dragon Age Inquisition is likely to find pretty basic.  The result is that the tale feels essentially like an extended fight with an interesting cameo fixing to take the pair into the next stage of their adventure at the end.

For me, this episode was a bit of a stumble.  Besides the fact that most of it was Dragon Age Inquisition 101 for me (not their fault,) it hits my main beef with a lot of comics, in that it’s so serialized, the one issue doesn’t seem to contain a complete story.  The art continues beautiful, but the battle action seems a trifle hard to follow and I was never totally sure how it finally ended.  Even the characterization feels a little off as Marius later reacts more naively to Tessa’s jokes than you’d think a magister’s slave and lover would.

It’s still worth reading, in my opinion, if just for the insight into Tessa’s past and the glimpse at a familiar face from Inquisition…but if you had to skip one of the series, thus far, this would be the one.

Dragon Age:  Magekillers #3 release date:  February 17, 2016.

Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Fifteen: “Amplification”

Screenshot (22)
Do you know the way to San Jose?

Spoiler Thoughts:

    • I’m glad they all let Lydia just hang out all safe and all in Arkam Asylum all this time.
    • If I was even remotely close to critical, I’d have a living will made out demanding I be taken to Hill Valley Hospital.
    • “Put my body out on the street before you take me to Beacon Memorial.”
    • I feel like Melissa has enough experience by now to not hang around when a creepy elevator gets to her floor.
    • Somebody take up a collection and buy poor Parrish a shirt.
    • I’m not so sure I think drilling a hole in someone’s head is going to release anything but cerebrospinal fluid.
    • If you are in this pack, and you are still questioning Stiles’ plans like they have a chance of success, you might have already got a hole drilled into your head.
    • Well I guess we’d feel worse for that orderly, but she was kind of a bitch to Lydia, so…good luck.
    • Liam, surprised that Scott’s Mom is still mad at him for almost killing him.
    • I wish Kira wasn’t always the weak link.
Screenshot (23)
You gotta win one for the Asians, Kira.
    • No one thinks she can do this Scott. Her results are not confidence-inspiring.
    • Why don’t they just knock this dude out and take his keycard?
    • Who’d notice outside? It’s not like Eichen House spends on outside lighting.
    • This Eichen House guard is the only person in Beacon Hills trying to do his job right.
    • Poor naked Nelson.
    • Poor naked electrified Nelson.
    • Did Kira and Malia really think short shorts were the best break-in outfits?
    • Maybe they would have had a better chance of blending if they stole some scrubs too.
Screenshot (26)
    • Dead.
    • Wow, Kira is producing sub-optimal results with this standing-and-doing-nothing method.
    • Deucalion! So good.
Screenshot (27)
I am badder than thou.
  • I’m not sure they have time for a brawl at this point.
  • This would have been a more suspenseful episode if we didn’t already know Theo and his gang end up walking out with Lydia.
  • Mrs. Martin should probably go home.
  • Everyone seems a little more surprised at the naked man on fire than you’d think, considering they were expecting him.
  • These fights are always the ones where I wonder why everyone suddenly forgot they could change into super powerful creatures.
  • I guess Mountain Ash, but they did just break apart a steel door.
  • This wasn’t enough to make Liam angry?
  • Can’t help thinking Posey just got tired of putting on the makeup. Now, a werewolf transformation consists of contacts and a couple of dental caps.