Star Wars: The Old Republic Not-Live Blog. “The Dark Plague”

Spoiler Thoughts:

Chapter 1

  • And we’re off to Taris! Carth’s planet!
  • I pretty much know Carth’s monologue from KotOR 2 by heart. DO YOU WANT TO HEAR IT? HEY, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?
  • We get to find the Endar Spire! To find out what happened when the Sith razed the whole planet looking for the one Jedi that was hiding out there.
  • Er…what a jerk, eh?
  • Ok, finally found the poor guy with the Dark Side plague and cured him.
  • Apparently this is making me totally weak, but I haven’t noticed much of a change.
  • Maybe if you’re a better fighter to begin with, this becomes more evident, but I’m pretty much a flail before and after.
  • Off to Nar Shaddaa–home of the Hutts.
  • Ugh. Back to the Swoop Gangs.
  • I feel like this Hutt’s motives are not beyond suspicion.
  • Wow, there are a lot of people who want help on Nar Shaddaa.
  • Tharan Cedrax’s assistant Holiday seems pretty fond of him. Like that woman in KotOR 1 who was pretty fond of her droid.
  • Well so far, we took down a swoop gang, cured spice addiction, freed slaves, stopped an Empire infiltration plot, and stopped a genocide.
  • On the Smuggler’s Moon, we call that “Tuesday.”
  • Ok, lets go get the diseased Jedi.
  • Say, Tharan, who said you were coming?
  • Fain and Yuon? Yikes.
  • Oh, ok Tharan. I guess I’ll see you later.
  • Oh, hi again Theran.
  • Theran wants adventure in the great wide somewhere. He wants so much more than this provincial life.
  • I…didn’t actually say yes, Theran, but ok.
  • Man, the Fain family is a PITA.
  • Oh serious? Even after I shielded her, she didn’t turn off the droids attacking me?
  • Ok, does Syo know that each time I shield someone I die a little, because he’s pretty cavalier about continually sending me out for this.
  • And why is it I can’t teach someone else the ritual again? Did the holocrons just beam the information right into my head?
  • Well, off to Tattooine.
  • I like how we periodically run by some people obviously getting mugged, but have no option to do anything about it.
  • The Jedi Code is selective.
  • “Sand. Why did it have to be sand.”
  • Well so far, this guy who wanted to make an army out of the Sand People was the most lucid plague sufferer so far.
  • Ok, that’s twice I’ve insta-died walking into an empty elevator shaft.
  • Ah Czerka Corporation. The Star Wars equivalent of Cerberus.
  • This Czerka Corp guy looks uncomfortably like Kai Lang.
  • This poor old dude out in the desert is bewailing that he can’t fix anything anymore, and my Jedi jst said “remember, there is no emotion. There is peace. Remember that.”
  • “I don’t even know what that means.”
  • Oh the Rakata are back.
  • Hey, it’s the same guy that was locked in the box in the Ebon Hawk.
  • No, faux-Kai Leng. You don’t get the box.
  • Nice that Tharan wants a jedi to cheat on his hologram with.
  • Off to Alderan.
  • Organa is a troubled house.
  • That was the shortest hostage situation ever. Like I think I was a hostage for like less than a minute.
  • Man, I have to buy a car or something, because that was the longest walk to House Teral ever.
  • Wow. This researcher sent me all over heck and gone doing stuff, and then, because I wouldn’t bring back the research to let het torture animals, she said I never think of anyone but myself.
  • Alderaan deserved to blow up.
  • Basically all my money goes to taxis. So worth it.
  • This Lew Organa has a total death wish. Rescue him and no sooner does he get out, but he starts marching straight through all the enemy soldiers to the holo phone or whatever.
  • Alright peace restored for the moment, and another Jedi shielded. Back to the temple.
  • Look, Yuan. I can’t keep re-shielding you forever.
  • Wow, you guys really did screw over Parkanus.
  • Ok, off to fight Vivicar!
  • Er…Ha Ha. I don’t remember how to get off the planet again.
  • Ok, finally found the ship. Now off to fight Vivicar!
  • Parkanas is kind of a downer even after he’s himself again.
  • Just call me Barsen’thor, I guess.

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