Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Thirteen: “Codominance”

Spoiler Thoughts:

    • Tamlyn is the poster mother for Tough Love.
    • I must say, these girls have pretty hair for all that dust and exertion.
    • Kira is not excited at the thought of staying in this dust bowl with the non-exfoliating team.
    • Kira seems way more anxious at the staying forever part than the part where she has a spear stuck straight through her chest.
    • Oh My Goood!  THE JEEP.
    • Aww. Liam is so sorry, Scott.
    • After all, it’s not like he’s even the first three of your friends that tried to kill you.
    • Stiles is now the expert at forgiveness. He is rewarded for this knowledge by the gift of his jeep’s life.
    • Oh Stiles. I had a leak like that last week that probably going to run me around a grand.
    • If this beast turns out to be Mason, I will be so mad.
    • I feel like this conversation is supposed to humanize Theo and scorpion girl for us, but since we saw them kill their sister and dad respectively, I am skeptical.
    • I find the Beast so amusingly cute, for some reason. It’s like the dragon in “How to Train Your Dragon.”
    • Liam is in the dictionary under “no chill at all.”
    • Well I don’t see blood stains on Scott’s chest, so that seems like an improvement.
    • Stiles, how well did you think it was going to work, taking your barely-running jeep out into no-man’s land?
    • Oh look, it’s Scott’s Teacher of the Year.
    • Mason = smooth.
    • Liam and Hayden are demonstrating why lab partners are never a good idea.
    • How does this teacher expect them to solve the mystery together without discussing it?
    • Tamlyn is demonstrating some classical Asian parenting right here.
    • Wow, even way out in the desert, gas is only 3.83.
    • Stiles finally came clean. See?  Scott will always understand, unless he’s in the middle of a total freak out.
    • This starry backdrop looks like something out of “Dark Shadows.”
    • Ok, Kira seems to be taking a little too long to figure this cause and effect out.
    • Theo is getting his clock cleaned pretty good here.
    • Tamlyn had to pause for one more display of badassery.
Screenshot (3)
Tamlyn is gonna cut herself a bitch.
  • The skinwalkers were powerful, but not as powerful as Stile’s jeep.
  • Stiles and Tamlyn are all “…so, things been ok with you?” “Yeah, pretty good…”

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