Star Wars: The Old Republic Not-Live Blog. Prologue

Spoiler Thoughts:
    • Fun Fact: One of my favorite all-time games is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Caaaarth!)
    • While I was looking forward to SWtOR initially, my interest died pretty quickly when I found out it was a MMORPG, since I a) have no experience playing with other people, and b) typically play games to get away from other people.
    • But, with the trumpeting of the “return to BioWare storytelling!” I’m willing to give it a shot for the sake of the Fallen Empire storyline.
    • Plus, I’ve been assured (maybe) that you can accomplish the story content solo.
    • While I had a free account, I guess you can’t access the new story expansions unless you’re a subscriber, so I ponied up for the Amazon Starter bundle–$40 for a 90 day subscription.
    • So apparently you can either start from the beginning, or make a level 60 character and go straight into the Fallen Empire expansion. Unfortunately, since I barely know how to walk around, we should probably start at the beginning.
    • Helloo Jedi Consular.
    • Master Yuon Par apparently believes in throwing you in the deep end.
    • How do you even fight?
    • I feel like making your training facility right in the middle of a gang of “Flesh Raiders” is kind of a bad idea.
    • Oh, some passerbys resuscitated me, but I didn’t know how to open the chat window to thank them.
    • There seems to be a lot of history that the Jedi didn’t know about, until I showed up.
    • Hey, we got a buddy. He looks a little like a Gorn.
    • I’m not sure why we keep saying this one dude is totally unhinged, when it just sounds like he wants to stop people from killing his village.
    • Oh we’re getting a light saber!
    • Well now, the dude seems a little crazy, but it can’t have helped that the ancient dark Jedi just shoved all the past knowledge of the Jedi into his head.
    • Our lizard friend doesn’t approve of us not killing the dude, but a Jedi has to do what a Jedi has to do.
    • Hm. Master Yuon seems a little peaked.
    • Could somebody come pick Master Yuon up off the floor, please?
    • Ok, off to Coruscant. Bright lights, big city.
    • Oh man, I just got a pet Rancor, and it is the cutest.
    • No one ever needed the Noetikons before?
    • It’s ok, random Noetikon-mule-guy. I can do surgery right here on the floor.
    • Yuon seems a little possessed.
    • Every time they say “justicars,” I start looking around for Samara.
    • I wish you could pause this thing once in awhile.
    • Sure, I’ll give up my strength until I find this one guy in the universe that’s behind the plague. That shouldn’t take more than a couple millennia.
    • I got a ship! Oh, and it totally reminds me of the Ebon Hawk!
    • Oops, forgot to pick advanced specialization. Going with Jedi Shadow, with a major in Balance.

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