Once Upon A Time, S5E08: “Birth”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Wow, that was not so smooth, Charming.
  • A legendary Prince, Pirate, and Thief, and the only thing that even slowed down Arthur was a tree root.
  • Jennifer Morrison is getting a lot of shouting practice in recently.
  • Oh Hook. Emma does and does for you.
  • Aw. Hook was looking into real estate. Romantic and a good investment.
  • Hm. Zelina’s doing premature labor the really hard way.
  • Regina’s all “whose dark magic?” Because we kind of have an assortment of choices by now.
  • Meanwhile, Hook’s idea of how to get a hold of Emma is to just wander around town yelling her name. He really never did get the hang of cell phones.
  • Good thing he’s yelling EMMA SWAN, in case there’s another dark Emma in town.
  • Zelina is learning the benefits of organic eating a little too late.
  • Oh, Dr. Whale is back! And creepy as ever!
  • Hey, remember when he was Dr. Frankenstein?
  • And slept with Snow White?
  • Holy Mackerel. Is Dr. Whale even in the same show as everybody else?
  • Well here’s a thought: What if Emma just magic bopped Arthur instead of Merlin, he dropped the sword, and Merlin wasn’t under his command anymore?
  • Wow. You had Arthur literally under your boot, and let him waddle away and free Zelina?
  • For that matter, once Zelina was free, why would Arthur have to run? Now he could have Zelina get the sword from Hook and be back to baseline again.
  • I’m not sure these people are thinking this through all that well.
  • Why is it the dagger doesn’t command explicit obedience when Regina uses it?
  • Having actually delivered babies, I can say that most mothers do not look like Zelina right after delivery.
  • Well at least someone threw Whale across the room.
  • Aw. They kissed the flame on.
  • This must be the first time anyone in Storybrooke ever kept a bargain.
  • I don’t know. Emma’s plan has a certain logic to it.
  • I don’t really get this wound thing. Even if it didn’t heal, why would it get worse?
  • …What?
  • Wow, this was kind of a complex plan for her to make up on the spot.
  • Also, glad that Regina and Merlin just stood around while all this happened. Did they forget they had magic too?
  • So…is it the actual act of tethering someone to a blade that makes them evil? Why would that be?
  • Then, when Arthur tethered Merlin, he made him evil? And Emma took his evil and put it in Killian to tether him to his blade?
  • Evil is like velcro?
  • Why does everyone else seem to understand this immediately?
  • If I were Killian, I think I would probably give Zelina a poke with Excalibur while I had them both there, just for stabbing me in the heart earlier.

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