Heroes Reborn, Season One, Episode 108: “June 13th: Part Two”

Image from NBC.com

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • I’m glad everyone takes everything Erica says as gospel.
  • Don’t do it, HRG. Too many butterflies.
  • Wow, that was a bad job HRG.
  • I’m not sure Erica’s going to bleed out immediately from a bullet wound through the side of her thigh.
  • Wow, Hiro got a raw deal here.
  • I don’t remember Peter actually absorbing people’s powers, as much as he just gained them.
  • He’s not going to see Claire in a year, HRG–you didn’t even see Claire.
  • Hey, maybe Rene survived in this timeline.
  • Oh HRG. You really should dump those memories now.
  • Ok, see look HRG. This is what people do when they find their dead kids. They uncover them to make sure it’s them.
  • Parkman!
  • Dammit, Parkman.
  • Alright Caspar!
  • Still don’t care about Los Angeles Batman.
  • Otomo-san has unfortunately backed the wrong horse.
  • HRG, you done screwed up bad.
  • Katana Girl’s origin story!
  • Hiro got older…and looks more like he did back in the day.
  • Nathan speaks Japanese!
  • I knew that RN looked familiar.
  • Wow, Nathan was a lot cooler than Tommy.
  • Otomo-san and Miko are the cutest.
  • Looking like my prediction that this poor frozen water EVO is going to be the first guy Zach’s crazy wife kills was exactly correct.
  • No Zach. Joanne’s not fine. I doubt she ever was.
  • Angela got a lot older looking than Hiro did in the same time span.
  • How was Invisible Girl going to protect Malina when she can’t even sneak up on Angela, with her eyes closed, doing her Hail Marys?
  • Poor Otomo-San. This is very AI-ish.
  • How can Nathan send people to places he’s never seen?
  • Yeah Molly, you might not want to be too fast to say you’d rather die than do anything.
  • Why didn’t Nathan have to worry about absorbing Molly’s power?
  • Why doesn’t Hiro just go with them? Isn’t he more of a loose end if he stays?
  • A sword might be the single worse weapon to use against clone guy.
  • I don’t think Tommy’s Mom was that good in the clinch.
  • Why did Caspar have to take everything, when he just took a day from HRG?
  • Quentin’s alive!
  • Dammit, Quentin.

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