Once Upon A Time, S5E07: “Nimue”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Well politeness always matters.
  • The real end of “The Defiant Ones.”
  • These middlemyst flowers are pretty popular in Camelot.
  • Emma’s got some OCD behaviors going on.
  • Well this seems like a fun quest.
  • Oh man, Merlin is kinda credulous.
  • These are some bad decisions Merlin is making.
  • Hey, the first person I’d be listening to is freaking Zelina.
  • This is probably when Merlin should have had some warning lights go off.
  • Oh come on, Snow. You were a fighter.
  • Guess who?
  • Now really, who didn’t call this?
  • This is only a surprise twist to people who are unfamiliar with the legend of Arthur and Merlin.
  • I think she’s already pretty dark.
  • Dude, she’s just not that into you.
  • I think he had a point–if you didn’t want your magic used violently, you probably shouldn’t have made it into a sword.
  • Nice scene for Jennifer Morrison! Even if the victory is transitory, it’s a great moment for Emma.
  • Glad everyone trusted Zelina again.
  • So basically, by bringing Zelina with them, they caused the whole thing.
  • Also, if Robin had been able to use a little restraint/precautions in his home life, we wouldn’t be in this predicament either.
  • How did Zelina communicate with Arthur and come up with this whole plan if she was mute?
  • I feel like we haven’t explained sufficiently why Merlin, with all his powers, wasn’t able to stop all this, if he was out and about and aware back when Emma was little.
  • Except for Rumple and Nimue, all the Dark Ones were jawas?
  • Wootini.

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