Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Trespasser, Part 2

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Oh yay! More talking!
  • Aw. Cullen made it up with Blackwall.
  • Clasping maw is one expensive sword.
  • People certainly seem to want to discuss Solas all of a sudden.
  • Well ok, they had an eluvian just sitting around the Winter Palace and no one said anything?
  • Welcome back to the Deep Roads.
  • Man, it’s dark in here.
  • I guess we’re supposed to use our new hand-as-flashlight ability, but hard to think that’s not going to give us cancer one day.
  • Wow, for some reason certain actions are totally delayed now. Like it takes her ten minutes to decide to climb up a ladder.
  • Lyrium grows on trees?


  • The story in any BioWare game inevitably has you start blowing up stuff without figuring out how you’re going to leave.
  • Teagan, you did not age well.
  • I feel like normally you wouldn’t have the Inquisitor managing servant squabbles.
  • Like Cullen wouldn’t take care of his own guys?
  • Well given that neither the heads of Ferelden nor Orlais are at this convention, I think it’s kind of an exaggeration to say the South would be “rudderless” if we all blew up.
  • Sandal’s diary!
  • Exactly as you’d expect.
  • Always a little suspicious when you run into an empty place with two supply caches.
  • Ugh, I am totally failing some of these optional puzzles.
  • Oh great, so it was our fault after all.
  • Ok, it seems as though everyone is pretty quick to accept that I’m not going to survive this hand thing.
  • Like, nothing like “oh don’t worry–we’ll get you the best doctor,” just “good luck with that. We’ll go start packing.”
  • I am totally failing this veil fire puzzle, and Bull and Dorian constantly saying “it didn’t work” isn’t helping.
  • Well, guess we’ll kill more Qunari.
  • I don’t know what we thought “Dragon’s Breath” referred to, anyway.
  • Good thing all the Qunari charge through the doorway past me without giving me a second glance.
  • Poor Bull. This must be awkward.
  • Solas, you rat.
  • Say, this hand thing seems to be decompensating.
  • I guess we’re not picking up any more loot at this point.
  • For eluvians all over the place, this is pretty linear.
  • This is a lot of Qunari to go rogue, according to the government.
  • Yes, I do have some questions, thank you.
Don’t you “it’s not you, it’s me” me!
  • Look Solas, I’m not sure why we all have to die, just because you feel guilty that no one can go to the library again.
  • Even though he’s being a bit of a jerk, I feel like this romanced elven inquisitor wouldn’t give up on him.
  • Oh, he left.
  • Oh, I guess we left.
  • Oh, I guess we left our hand there.
  • If this Inquisitor still wanted to try to get Solas back, I think she’d divest herself of the big organization and try to redeem him on her own, with just a handful of BFFs.
  • I declare thee DISBANDED.
  • Aw, the Citadel everybody-stand-in-a-line-and-stare-at-the-player-and-then-peel-off-forever scene.
  • Oh, I guess we were serious about going after Solas.
  • All the advisors stayed but Cullen, who left with his dog?
  • Well I guess now we know why this was the last DAI DLC–on to the Search for Solus.
  • Wow, these epilogue cards are pretty fast.
  • BioWare credits are the longest things ever, but you always have to stay through to the end in case Buzz Aldrin is tacked on after or something.
  • Oh, Cassandra’s reading Varric’s book.
  • Oh, I am DYING.
  • Man, I love Cassandra.
  • Alright.  Time to cue up my first Inquisitor for a second go-around, while I wait for Andromeda.


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