Heroes Reborn, Season One, Episode 107: “June 13th: Part One”

Image from NBC.com

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Mohinder the Handsome is back!
  • I have a hard time thinking Erica could hoodwink Angela Petrelli so thoroughly. Angela was always pretty sneaky.
  • Old Hiro! He looks so much happier when he’s wearing the glasses.
  • Oops. Say hi to Kevin Flynn in there, Hiro.
  • Oh Phoebe is going full Anakin in this one.
  • How are Zachary and his not-yet-psycho wife going to take this kid to an outdoor festival, when any exposed skin instantly burns to a crisp?
  • Molly in her pre-skank days.
  • Why are HRG and Hiro even bothering to sneak around, when Hiro can just freeze everyone and they could walk around checking everything out at leisure?
  • I guess we’re not going with the Lazarus Effect on this time-travel model.
  • Yeah, Hiro–you might not want to chop this dude into too many pieces.
  • Never bring a knife to a clone fight.
  • Ok wait. Are we thinking that the bombs cloned as well?
  • How could all the alternatives to all those people exploding be worse?
  • I bet this poor water-freezing EVO is the first one Zach and his wife off.
  • Twins! I bet they take one to Alderaan, and one to Tatooine.
  • I really feel like HRG would look at Claire’s face. I don’t even know that they would cover her, given that she wasn’t in an accident or anything, and probably looks fine.
  • I also don’t get how a cardiac arrest would kill her. She came back from being burnt almost to ashes, and I’m pretty sure she died of cardiac arrest then, too.
  • I’m guessing “Tommy” isn’t his real name.
  • Actually, I think it would have been more fun if Angela had named the son “Sylar,” after the son she tried to manipulate into believing was her son.
  • HRG seems a lot readier for Angela Petrelli to raise his grandchildren than I would be.
  • Hiro and the baby. Cutest.
  • Man, I knew that RN looked familiar.
  • Nathan definitely got the “Uncle Owen/Aunt Beru” end of the stick on this one.
  • HRG is sick and tired of not being able to shoot anyone.
  • Why would HRG try to stop himself, when he already knows Erica is going to kill everyone?

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