Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Trespasser, Part 1

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ok. Time for one last fling with the Inquisitor and her merry men.
  • “Enjoy time with them while you can,” translation: “We only added upfront dialogue.”
  • Wow, Bran changed a bit. The years haven’t been too kind to him.
  • Now we control the giant harbor net of Kirkwall. Well I’m sure that won’t come in handy one of these days.
  • I knew the Executors would be back! Hard in Hightown!
  • Oh man, all these books and letters are so great. I could read these all day.
  • OMG, it’s the collar from that spirit that possessed the cat in Shale’s village!
  • Ok, when Zither showed up for Maryden, I full on did the Home Alone hands-on-the-face reaction.
  • I have no idea what we were throwing at people with Sera.
  • Sera does what we’ve all wanted to do to Maryden sooner or later.
  • Well, Bull is as terse as always. Was Freddie busy the week they recorded this?
  • Hm. There seem to be a lot more couples getting busy here, than you’d expect at a religious conclave.
Hey! None of that there! This is an Exalted place!
  • Why am I picking up all these dog bones?
  • Wow. Josephine treated us to the Orlesian equivalent to Noh drama.
  • Well Leliana appears to be back to her old self.
  • Fenris is the bartender in Hard in Hightown, and I just died.
  • Ok, I’m not so sure what the ham was for in spa day.
What is even going on here?
What is even going on here?
  • I feel like maybe BioWare needs a field trip to a spa.
  • Oh not just ham, but the sad banana-on-a-stick weapon.
  • Well Leliana appears to be kind of done.
  • Cullen found a dog!
  • Oh THAT’S why we were picking up the dog bones.
  • The dog brought us a…mace made out of a bee hive? That’s very thoughtful.
  • Chateau Haine got a new Duke!
  • I guess you can’t talk with Dorian much?
  • At least we got a letter from Alistair.
  • I love the descriptions of the random crap we find.
  • At least he didn’t bring Isolde again.
  • I would say however, if they had Alistair come, it would have been vapors time.
  • Oops, I think I’ve been running right over all these people soaking in the bath.
  • Oh we found Cassandra again.
  • Oh wow, she’s going to kill Varric.
  • Aw, Dorian.
  • You know, I really dote on Dorian, which is why I always think it’s odd that while he says we are ultimate BFFs, he never spoke to me after the first third of the game or so.
  • Well I guess social time is over.
  • Wow, Teagan turned into kind of an ass.
  • “We exiled the Grey Wardens!” Yeah, how’d that work out for you?
  • Also, is Teagan forgetting that Ferelden’s King and Queen are both Grey Wardens? No wonder you couldn’t have Alistair here, saying this.
  • And why is he saying Gaspard is on the throne? We’ve already read letters on how Celene and Briala are still ruling together.
  • I’m not getting this.
  • Maybe Teagan ended up having to spend way too much time with Isolde and he got all Ethan Frome’d.
  • Ok, wait a minute. We’re following a trail to find out where he came from. Why then would the blood stains go up to a dead end? Shouldn’t they just show where he came? It’s like we’re going the wrong direction.
  • Well maybe this is why Bull didn’t talk much before. They were saving his voice for the quest.
  • Ok, I’m not sure “shooting green fire” at the ancient mosaic is the same as “examine.”
  • Wow, these purple flames are kinda insta-death.
  • Well ok, now aren’t we glad I drank the well?
  • Yay–an antidote for the insta-death.
  • Kind of an unfortunate posture for this poor dead Qunari girl.
  • You know, I think it’s gonna be hard to fulfill this directive to make contact with the Qunari if we keep killing them.
  • Oh good. Some sort of puzzle with veil fire and a button.
  • Ha Ha. Got it.
  • Well I still don’t get what’s going on, but I guess we’re going back now.


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