Once Upon A Time, S5E05: “Dreamcatcher”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Wow, Emma just found out the whole plot from the last three episodes in one dreamcatcher.
  • Ouch, Emma.
  • Poor cowardly Gold.
  • Merida.  Still not a Rhodes scholar.
  • Ooo.  Emma’s decorating in early crazy period.
  • How much variety has Emma experienced, in magic?
  • Oh Henry.  This might not be the way to go.
  • Oops.  Hi Sir Violet’s father.
  • Sir Morgan has the same attitude towards potential writer son-in-laws as every father ever.
  • This is a pretty miserable day for Gold.
  • I can’t help thinking Emma could have found a faster way to go about this, than trying to make the most cowardly person in town brave.
  • Off we go, in the VW of evil.
  • The Mom’s talk of pep.
  • Have to say, given the success rate Emma and Regina have had in romance, I don’t know that I’d take advice from them.
  • Henry’s winning over Violet with the power of Pepsi.
  • Oh man, Henry.
  • Dude, Violet is just not that into you.
  • Well, it’s hard to think of what the boys look like in Camelot, where a guy with good dental hygiene isn’t attractive.
  • Merida really throws herself into her work.
  • Henry, horse-whisperer.
  • That’s a pretty big guess to see a piece of rope and assume it was tying up Gold.
  • How did Hook know that was in the box?  Or that the box was important?
  • Aw Henry.
  • Regina’s always thinking.
  • Hey, it’s the movie usher guy!
  • Arthur is kind of a sad man-child.
  • Say, that’s the best person Snow and Charming could confide in.
  • At least they’re consistent throughout realities.
  • Well at least Henry is doing better in this world.
  • I feel like we might be confusing bravery with pugilism.
  • Oh, this will not go well at all.
  • Well it’s true, Emma is still a deputy sheriff.  She has the right to call people on breaking and entering.
  • I’m not sure Henry should be all that distraught, when he can’t remember any of this happening, and things are clearly going OK now.
  • That was a good scene.  Morrison and Parilla are really good together.
  • I don’t know if Regina has ever had a scene in that doorway that she hasn’t won.
  • Notice that now that Regina’s good, her hair’s gotten longer.
  • I wonder if buns make you evil.

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