Once Upon A Time, S5E03: “Siege Perilous”

Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Emma needed…an axe?
  • Pretty ominous when one of your team is a tree.
  • Charming is so elated to have a guy to hang with, who isn’t sleeping with his daughter.
  • I feel like trees shed bark and leaves and stuff pretty painlessly.  Why can’t we use those as samples?
  • Charming has no idea what’s going on.
  • Maybe because he’s a farmboy with probably no formal education and about a week’s worth of prince training?
  • I never get why we don’t ever address that.
  • The chance Charming is taking, is getting out of babysitting.
  • Oh WTH Grumpy.  Last week you were all “we need to go with you to help her!  We never get to show how much we care about everyone!”  Today it’s all “KILL THE BEAST!”
  • Maybe slow down on the promises if you don’t even know what the deal is, Charming.
  • Rumple is the only guy in this town that knows how to have fun.
  • I guess Happy’s not getting his axe back in one piece.
  • Not sure that was altogether comforting for Zelena.
  • It does seem as though Regina’s had quite a few second chances of her own.
  • Arthur just described his triangle with Lancelot and Guinevere as “a difficult situation.”
  • “Lancelot, he daid!”
  • Maybe you shouldn’t keep a lit flame in the chest with all your most precious stuff.
  • If I’m the Sheriff, my thinking runs towards fingerprints at this point.
  • Robin and Hook could actually be a hilarious duo.
  • How can Hook STILL have trouble with phones, when Robin can text photos and has been in Storybrooke a shorter amount of time?
  • Hook is so repulsed at this sonogram.
  • There are a lot of complex situations in this town.
  • I really love Emma’s new hair and wardrobe.
  • Evil is so much more stylish.
  • Why is it, everyone trying to look good gets sloppy hair?  It’s like once you turn evil, your concept of good is some hayseed.
  • Oh, it is peasant bro-hood!
  • Apparently Charming didn’t pay all that much attention to the Arthur legends.
  • Probably a bad competition, considering Guinevere is clearly EEEVVVIIIL.
  • That might be the fakest mushroom ever.
  • “Certain death!  You go first.”
  • That leather’s going to take some time to dry out.
  • Who’s going to pawn a bean?  Unless Belle’s a total moron, I think she’s going to be a little suspicious.
  • What a shocker, the Squire who was all suspicious-acting took a powder.
  • Ok, Doctoberfest is good.
  • Well it’s hardly fair jousting if one guy’s got a car.
  • Funny how the bridge can now hold like three guys, and Arthur isn’t making a move to help anything.
  • Arthur acts like he wasn’t watching the whole time.  What, did he have to go to the bathroom or something?
  • I don’t know if I’d do trust exercises with the Dark One.
  • Aw, she didn’t even get to eat lunch.
  • How could that mushroom get out of a locked pouch?  It’s not like the armored knights had time to pickpocket him.
  • But Charming, you are a FARMBOY.  You ARE only famous because you kissed a sleeping princess.
  • In some reality, there’s a little old lady shrieking “WHERE’S THE BEAN?!”
  • Arthur, you mushroom stealer.
  • Oh good, Charming.  Now you can be the guy who kissed a sleeping princess and found a mushroom under a tent.
  • How is he going to be a knight of the round table if he’s not planning to stay?
  • That is some fast trusting Arthur is doing.
  • Oh, it’s dead Lancelot!
  • I think Charming’s getting duped again.
  • Poor soon-to-be-dead Grif.
  • Don’t do it Grif!
  • It will be a cornerstone of an EEEVVVIILL kingdom, Grif!
  • Robin just sits around eating in Granny’s all day.
  • Oh, it is just bro-hood week all around.
  • Hey, remember when Belle said she never wanted to see Gold again, and took up macking on Scarlett?  It’s not like he ever did anything less evil to make her change her mind.
  • He’s the hero?  A town full of princes and knights and whatever, and she’s picking him?
  • The guy with the heart so full of evil, it actually tried to kill him by its own self?
  • Well I totally don’t get what the point of the whole Squire plot was.  Arthur wanted him to steal the stuff, but then got Charming to get it back.
  • Then he pretended like there was a bean to send them back, but then there never was a bean, and he doesn’t even want to get back.
  • For that matter, why did he tell Charming where the mushroom was in the first place, if he didn’t want him to have it?
  • I feel like maybe Guinevere might be the brains in this operation.

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