Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: What Pride Had Wrought

Spoiler Thoughts:

    • The bartender says people are complaining that I’m bedding my allies? I certainly haven’t seen anything to give me that impression.
    • Ok Morrigan. Off to the Temple of Mythal.
    • Forgot how repetitive these sequences are, wandering down the river and killing Templars.
    • I feel like Cullen would have said something to us, since we just saved him.
    • Entering the Temple. Oh, one Corypheus, extra crispy.
    • Now does Corypheus’ lieutenant know that he can come back in a blighted thing? If not, why do they keep going through the temple? They don’t seem that excited about him being apparently dead.
    • “Oh, the Old Gods are probably a myth.” “HDU!!”
    • Um, Solas, do you have something to share with the class?
    • Ok, jump in the hole? Or do the rituals? Jump in the hole? Or do the rituals?
    • Well maybe we try both this time around: trot around the rituals and then jump in the hole.
    • I always feel like this was kind of a weird ritual for priests to make people do. I get that it would make people focus and meditate, but on the other hand, it’s like if you had to finish a few rounds of Dance Dance Revolution before you could see the Pope.
    • Alright. Time to see what’s in the hole.
    • Oh good. My inventory is already full.
    • [Line of magical elven archers show up with arrows cocked.]. “Someone’s watching us!”
    • Nothing gets by you, Inquisitor.
    • “Say something, Solas!”
    • “Don’t look at me. I got no dog in this race.”
    • Ok, we will ally with you…Wha?…Damnit, Morrigan.
    • Well this Sentinel guide is one personable elf.
    • I must say, Calpurnia is a lot more reasonable than Sampson.
    • Look, you might hold off on the “savage Qunari” remarks when I have one RIGHT HERE.
    • Maybe I should have brought Dorian.


    • So who’s thirsty?
    • Solas? “NOOOO!” Well alrighty, then.
    • I let Morrigan have the well last time, but I feel like an elf inquisitor would have more of a vested interest in drinking it herself.
    • Well this was a lot more dramatic than if you let Morrigan take the power.
    • The fact that Corypheus showed up again doesn’t bode too well for Calpurnia.
    • Morrigan doesn’t seem like she’s gonna let this go anytime soon.
    • Oh burn from Leilana. Maybe she’s still bitter that Morrigan never wanted to go shopping with her.
    • The dragon is a horcrux?
    • Ok, getting on to the last chance to talk to anyone.
    • Not too much from Varric or Vivienne, but to be fair, I’m not sure we were close.
    • Ok Solas, your turn.
    • Slave markings? Yeah, you can go ahead and get rid of those, thanks.
    • Watch the hand there, Solas.
    • Wait, what?
    • Oh this is horrible, although the option to say “your loss, asshole” is pretty great.
    • Solas, you heel.
    • At least you get dropped off outside, because it’d be pretty awkward to still be in his room after that.
    • Cassandra is such a good friend in this game. I’m glad she didn’t kill us in the beginning, like she wanted.


    • Wait, did Cole just…erase himself?
    • Oh Cole.
    • I think my favorite line of Sera’s is “I believe the stuff not made up by dead people who failed.”
    • Blackwall’s pretty terse.
    • Man, what exactly is going on in that painting in the stables? I’m…not sure I want to know.


  • You can tell when I’m getting close to the end, because I start doing a permanent save every few minutes.
  • Time for The Final Piece

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