Heroes Reborn, Season One, Episode 104: “The Needs of the Many”

Image from NBC.com

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Mohinder voiceover!
  • Why didn’t he zap away with her?
  • Look Zachary. She’s a psycho. And she’s not going to be supportive of your new lifestyle.
  • Well that went from lovely to creepy in a moment.
  • Shibuya!
  • Ren is this season’s Ando.
  • Look. I’d work for a lot worse companies for free sushi.
  • That hug wasn’t weird at all.
  • Not a fan of the spicy tuna.
  • Taylor, she’s rounding them up because she’s a resident of Crazytown. That’s it.
  • They walked all the way through Alaska?  Because Alaska is pretty big.
  • Wow, it doesn’t seem like Butterfly/Invisible girls were as careful as they might have been.
  • Oh, I think it’s too late, Zachary.
  • Not even the Han Solo “I know” from Joanne.
  • On the upside, Zachary no longer has to ask if the hotel room has a coffee maker.
  • You know this isn’t realistic, because no aisle seat on an international flight is going to go empty.
  • Bat-luchador Man.
  • They’re just gonna leave those guys lying out in the lobby for anyone to find?
  • This was maybe not planned that well.
  • HRG is the coolest.
  • Zachary got so much more empathetic and virtuous after he became one of the hunted.
  • Ugh. Tommy’s a close talker.
  • I feel like Tommy could have zapped out a little earlier.
  • Oh, Carlos finished the Luchadormobile.
  • Maybe the kid shouldn’t leave the door to the secret hideout open in broad daylight?
  • Well that went well.
  • Oh that REALLY went well.
  • Why couldn’t Molly just unplug herself and leave?
  • Or was she doing it to get away from HRG?
  • Maybe the moral is that you shouldn’t shove guns down your pants and expect that something bad isn’t going to happen.
  • Oh Phoebe’s back!  And she’s got a new look.  The Unibomber look.



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