Once Upon A Time, S5E02: “The Price”

Photo from http://onceuponatime.wikia.com/wiki/Once_Upon_a_Time_Wiki
Spoiler Thoughts:
  • The denizens of Storybrooke are never slow to lose faith in all their leaders.
  • Good thing Camelot stories always end happy.
  • Oh, this is the post-Nimue era.
  • I’d like to go back to last season for a moment, where I mentioned that maybe anyone else but Emma would have been a better choice to become the Dark One.
  • Wow, this is like that Friends episode where Monica and Rachel switched places so Rachel could have health insurance.
  • Arthur’s all “why do I take orders from you again?”
  • Like these medieval guys are going to balk unless they get bottled water.
  • No eavesdropping here, Charming.
  • Robin is constantly in distress.
  • The VW of sadness.
  • Poor Emma.  Too evil to even land a pirate.
  • Maybe don’t announce you love the hard way before you know if the hard way’s going to land you in the hospital.
  • Emma never got any perks when she was savior–what a gyp.
  • Camelot had dresses for Snow and Emma, but not Regina?
  • Actually, how did Charming learn to ball dance?  He was a farm boy!
  • Looking at all the guys’ formal attire, I have to think that Robin, Hook, and Charming all packed their own clothes.
  • Belle’s date at the ball is a rose in a bell jar.
  • Henry is awfully cute here.
  • Oh, this might not go all that well for Regina.
  • Why on Earth would Regina just sit there, while this dude kills Robin?
  • I feel like Charming could have just knocked him out.
  • I guess it’s kind of unrealistic to think that you can win over everyone, even with genuine repentance, after you torched all their families.
  • Hey, did we ever think that maybe we could get a doctor for Robin?  And not jump immediately to dark magic?
  • I mean, this is a royal court, right?  I can’t imagine they don’t have surgeons.
  • Oh Rumple is so wonderful.
  • Why doesn’t Emma ever tell anyone about talking to Rumple?
  • Eczema is a harsh mistress.
  • How could this possibly help Regina?
  • Nice to know that no one else had any idea of why it would help either.
  • I don’t know if I want my town run by people who would happily all move to die at once en mass without a clear plan.
  • Technopop is apparently stronger than True Love’s Kiss.
  • Well if the tradeoff for this great new wardrobe is not getting invited to the post-disaster parties at Granny’s, evil doesn’t seem that bad.
  • Guinevere is totes evil.
  • Robert Carlyle must enjoy this.  A few minutes of giggling and evil, and the rest taking a nap in street clothes.
  • There are a lot of people getting in line for this sword.  It probably belongs in the bottom of the lake with the One Ring.

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