Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Side Quests and Emprise du Lion, Hissing Wastes, and Forbidden Oasis


Spoiler Thoughts:

      • Emprise du Lion time.
      • “Red lyrium. We should be cautious here.” [Setting up camp] “What did you say, Solas?”
      • Ok, I don’t even know why this couple died on the cliff with the bottle of wine his dad left him.
      • I have never been able to get this one quest with crazy lady moaning about losing the ring to activate.
      • Finally found Michel before Suledin Keep. I love the quest name “Call Me Imshael.”
      • Oh, ok Michel. Leave me here to kill the Choice Spirit while you go back to town. This wasn’t even my deal!
      • Let’s see…riches…power…virgins…Oh, no virgins…
      • Now you’re called the Late Imshael.
      • Oh wait, the red Templar is Carroll? Not the mildly crazy Carroll from the tower docks? Who liked cookies?
      • Well, we’ll never know now–he was too distorted to see if he was the same. Poor Cullen has so few old friends left.
      • I like how these guys in the cages at the quarry are screaming and yelling to be let out, but their fellow townspeople are just walking around, pretending not to hear.
      • LOL at the guy who wrote the whole confession to his wife, and then wanted to take it back when he made it out of the quarry alive.
      • No, buddy. The manslaughter doesn’t not count just because you survived to face the consequences.
      • I like how when Cullen fixes this bridge, it looks indistinguishable from the original stone carvings, but when he had to fix that ratty bridge in the desert, it looked like he gave some high school a hammer and some two-by-fours.


    • Ok, twenty more minutes, and we took another dragon down.
    • Maybe we can manage the last dragon, since it’s closest to the fast travel point.
    • Oh, it’s like two levels higher than us. Maybe if we just sit on the ledges and shoot down at it?
    • Ok, I don’t think it should be able to hit us with the dome of fire if it can’t even see us.
    • Ugh, it keeps putting up guard as soon as I whittle it down
    • Ok, about half an hour, and we’ve managed to take one leg down by about 1/6.
    • I think we’ll have to come back for this one.
    • Oh hey, Wicked Grace!
    • I kind of feel it improbable that Cullen would actually agree to a bet where he might lose his clothes, but it’s cute anyway.
    • I guess no one wanted to invite Solas or Vivienne.
    • All right. Off to the Hissing Wastes.
    • Man, I had forgotten how big Hissing Wastes was.
    • Actually, I had more or less forgotten everything about Hissing Wastes. I think it’s mostly because there isn’t a lot of plot or dialogue here–just walking around in the desert, killing random things.
    • The nice part is that there are so many campsites, you can pretty much just leap off of cliffs, and be reassured that you can make it back to one of them before you’re totally drained.
    • I do like the section where it’s almost always nighttime with that big moon in the distance. So pretty.


    • Unfortunately so much of this area is all based on those map quests that I find so difficult. I can never get the sketches to line up with the actual point of view until I already know where it is.
    • Playing a mage makes the combat so much easier than a warrior, since you can basically pick people off from a mile away…but it also makes it a little meaningless, since you basically never see or hear them, and by the time you run over to loot them, they’ve evaporated.
    • Dragon time! Bull gets so excited.
    • Ok, missing one page of the journals, and one ocularum.
    • The chances of me finding the journal page seems pretty slender by this time, but I don’t know why I can’t find a skull on a stick.
    • I also think historically, I’ve finished one mosaic. I usually get all the pieces…except one.
    • I’ve never gotten enough gems to fulfill that Hinterlands tapestry requisition, either. Damn templars.
    • Time to go back for that dragon on the Storm Coast.
    • Ugh, it’s electricity resistant, and that’s most of what I have.
    • I never have much idea of what this power of the rift thing does. Like a lot of lights and colors, and then everything goes back to killing me.
    • HA. This fragment of inadequate chain mail is hilarious.


  • “The designer may have misheard ‘aureole of protection.'”
  • Alright, now time to see if we can get that second dragon in Emprise.
  • At least I have a fire staff with me. The problem is that these colosseum layouts make it so it’s hard to get far enough away to not get hit by the effects of her attacks.
  • Oh what a hurt. After a half hour of fighting, the dragon loot and two of the dragonling loot spawned under the stairs where I can’t pick them up.
  • Ok Solus, it’s nice that you can sense there’s an artifact here, but it would help if you could give me a hint where.
  • Well, we’re at the same level as the last dragon–maybe we can give it a go again.
  • Entering in from the top we can pick at her largely without getting beat up, but it’ll take forever because no one else will be able to help.
  • Should she really be able to fire mine me when she can’t even see me?
  • It’s like ten minutes to take down the guard, for about thirty seconds of actual attack time.
  • Attack, attack, attack.
  • Ho hum.
  • Everyone else is dead now.
  • Just me and the Highland Ravager.
  • Zzzzz.
  • Oh wait, we’re done.  Yay!
  • Ok guys, naptime’s over.  Now we can pick up the last shard and go investigate the temple.
  • Forbidden Oasis!  Sounds so much more exciting than “walk around in the desert and fall off ladders!”
  • I read a lot of hate for Forbidden Oasis.  While I don’t loathe it, I think part of the problem is that the heavy dependence on vertical mapping makes the flat maps more or less useless.
  • Considering the major quest is to find the jillion shards littered around everywhere, that means the majority of your time is spent just trying to figure out how to climb up on stuff.
  • It doesn’t help that the only other quest of note stymies you by making you hunt down a miner who never seems to be anywhere around where her marker is.
  • 20 minutes spent running around trying to find her, you start wondering if she really wanted that wedding ring in the first place.
  • Ok, ready for the Temple of the Forbidden Shard.
  • Really Solas?  Is it really an artifact of your people?
  • Also, it’s not just your people, in case you’ve forgotten.
  • Cole, you wouldn’t keep getting fried by those circles if you’d stop running into them.
  • No matter how empty I try to get with my inventory, I can never get through this without having to go back and sell stuff off.
  • Well, I think we’ve exhausted the resources of the Forbidden Oasis.
  • Time to go look for the elven blood magic sword.
  • There is an awful lot of loot lying about this random elven temple.
  • This actually seems a little like a side quest to the Knight’s Tomb side quest.
  • Well that was pretty brief.
  • At least Bull got a new sword out of it.
  • So at this point, I think we’ve just about done all the quests we’ve been able to find up to What Pride Had Wrought.
  • The initial plan was to now do all the DLC except for Trespasser, but as all the reviews I’ve read seem to think they are on the short side and not heavy with story (versus lore) content, I might actually wait until they put them on sale or in a bundle or something, and just play through until we can do Trespasser.
  • Basically, I’m a little impatient to get to Trespasser by now.
  • Trespasser, Trespasser, Trespasser.
  • Ok, let’s get ready to wrought some pride.

2 thoughts on “Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Side Quests and Emprise du Lion, Hissing Wastes, and Forbidden Oasis”

  1. I was never able to do the map quests well, either. I finished all the ones in the Hinterlands and the Emerald Graves, but it took me so long just working those out that I gave up on even attempting the rest. I think these were the only quests I came across, aside from the ones that glitched out on me, that I never ended up finishing.

  2. Yeah, that was about how I worked it the first time around. This time I actually cheated and checked a walkthrough to find where the last few were, but I still can’t finish some of the requisitions because you had to get the gems or whatever from looting Templar/freeman bodies, and I think I killed them all already. There are also these random ones like that Chantry lady who wanders around in the desert sometimes, but I’ve never found her sufficient times to get whatever she’s supposed to give you.

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