Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Side Quests and The Emerald Graves


Spoiler Thoughts:

    • Back to Skyhold to see if anyone wants to chat now.
    • Dorian had the despair ham!
    • The Quizition has to be one of the oddest parts of this game.
    • Oh Cole. You’re so spirit-y now. I don’t know if we went the right way on this, even though you seem happier.
    • I feel like the way to approval with everyone is to just keep saying “I agree” to everything.
    • That’s great. Our surgeon apparently subscribes to the New England Journal of Trepanning.
    • Who should be the new Divine? I kind of favor Cassandra. Leliana is a little flighty, and Vivienne is kind of awful.
    • Poor Blackwall. Poor just-wanting-to-be-uninvolved Blackwall.
    • Morrigan is still so cool. Claudia Black does such a good job with her.
    • Irking that even though I killed Anders on my last playthrough and synced everything up with the Keep, it insists that he’s still alive.
    • Oh great. I think Blackwall left, and I didn’t finish Memories of the Grey yet. I wonder if you can do it when he comes back?
    • I still don’t get the whole Tyrdda song-story. I guess she had some unfortunate romances?
    • I think that’s an example of how tough it is to do a narrative when you don’t know the order people will find the segments.
    • Every time I’m walking around and just find a gigantic wheel of cheese sitting around for no reason, I like to think Alistair was there.


  • Ok Varric, we’ll go to Valammar.
  • Ugh, Bianca, you are the worst.
  • Oh, and after all that, you’re going to threaten me? I almost hope something does happen to Varric, so you can come after me and I can pound you into mulch.
  • Varric, your love life is your own business, but I’d rip that page out of your little black book and feed it to the mabari.
  • Dorian and Bull never seem to say much beyond their personal quests.
  • Solas also has relatively little to say, compared with Cullen’s romance.
  • Ok, off to the Emerald Graves.
  • Fun fact: After investing about 300 hours into this game, until today I always thought this area was called “Emerald Glades.”
  • Wow, there are a lot of dead people who aren’t getting their burial sites visited.
  • I can’t believe they made us kill that poor bear and her cubs just because the guy who surveys the camp locations is high.
  • If I killed all the important people leading the Freemen, why am I still having to kill Freemen all over the place? Who’s leading them now?
  • We’re sitting here looking at a French-fried corpse, and Solus is all “he underestimated how dangerous the rift is.”
  • Cunning deduction, Mr. Bond.
  • I don’t even know why we follow up on all these sad letters to significant others sitting next to charred remains. It’s like we want to be sad.
  • All these haunted/possessed chateaus are just nightmare fuel. Poor Betta.
  • Oh nice. The wedding ring was in the spider’s stomach.
  • Ok, do these giants just keep spawning? Because holy moly, there are a ton of them here.
  • I also like how our agents are just sitting here in the middle of Giant Central, like they don’t realize this is a terrible place to put their chest.
  • This poor dude who was trying to compete with Genativi for Thedosian Historian.
  • Ok, killed our fifth dragon. At least it dropped some decent armor.
  • Poor Solas, who has to upgrade from those snazzy ancient elven robes to reinforced battle age mail, which looks like he killed a fox and slung it over one shoulder.
  • Ok, off to the Knight’s Tomb.
  • I don’t know if the map on this one is buggy or what, but the markers never seem to correlate that well with where the seal pieces are, and if I unlock a door, it still has the lock symbol.
  • Man, this tarot card codex system is practically useless. How can you look up anything, when it’s nothing but a mass of cards, most of which all have the same back? Even the “unread” mark is so hard to see most of the time, it takes forever to find the ones you haven’t read.
  • Alas for the Emerald Knights. Pocahontas all over again.
  • “The Executors.” I’m sure they won’t come back to bite us in the ass one of these days.
  • Ok Leliana, lets see what Justinia left you in Valence.
  • I can’t imagine hardening Leliana. How can encouraging someone to turn into a sociopath be a good thing?
  • Granted, she was a little kooky in Origins, she deserves to be happy and go shoe shopping once in awhile.
  • Time to go get Blackwall.
  • Oh man, I can’t believe I finally found the place that sells beds and drapes!
  • Poor Blackwall. Some crimes are harder to come back from.
  • Wow, Cullen came all the way from Skyhold. He must really be pissed.
  • Just get him out Josephine. Ohana means no one is left behind or forgotten.
  • Emprise du Lion time.

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