Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Side Quests and The Exalted Plains


Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Back to Skyhold to see if anyone wants to chat now.
  • Blackwall’s all “it’s not really about the joining. You don’t really need to have undergone the joining to be a warden.”
  • Actually, I kind of think you do.
  • Look Varric, you might not like having to write to Fenris and tell him Hawke’s going to Weisshaupt, but it could have been a much worse letter after all.
  • Cassandra is, I think, the character who most improves as the game goes on. She turns from kind of a harpy to someone who really wants to set things right who is surprisingly funny.
  • While I think Cullen’s a hero for quitting lyrium, didn’t Alistair prove that you don’t need to take lyrium to have all your Templar powers?
  • Ok, let’s go try to make the Dalish like us.
  • I remember last time inadvertently defiling their graveyard and I’m not sure they ever really liked me after that.
  • I wonder if this veterinarian elf would be as grateful if he knew I accidentally shot the golden halla a couple times trying to herd it over here?
  • Man, you shoot one halla a little, and now you roast everyone in the area whenever you use lightning.
  • I do not get this bear hide thing. The elf girl wants a couple of bear pelts–I know I’ve killed a jillion bears, but for some reason none of them had pelts?
  • This quest where you have to collect dead soldiers’ notes is pure BioWare.
  • Half of them are like “a note with a single heart and the words ‘don’t worry’ rolled up with a wedding ring.” And you take it off a corpse crushed under a wagon.
  • Bianca is pretty much the worse.
  • “How did they find out where the red lyrium is?” “THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT.”
  • I’m always confused by this one random broken-down bedroom in the battlements. There’s fruit and stuff there, so someone’s obviously using it, but everything’s destroyed…and there’s an axe stuck in the footboard…
  • LOL at the Sad Weapon schematic. Good luck with the old banana-nailed-to-a-stick defense.
  • Ugh, I hate these ramparts that you can’t climb out of for anything.
  • Like, keep the loot already, just get me out.
  • Actually, I always thought it was odd that by this time–maybe, what–2/3 the way through, I’m inevitably not finding virtually any loot that’s of use anymore.  All the loot usually seems to be at around a 7-12 level.
  • I think Exalted Plains is the part of the game where I start feeling like I’m losing track of the plot because I keep running into places and clearing the demons out, and then realizing I missed the whole backstory on it.
  • So let me get this straight: Someone thought a closed-off area swarming with gurguts and a Fade rift was a good place to set up camp?
  • Ugh, these map quests. I always wind up wandering around trying to climb up impassible surfaces for forever when the real point is 50 yards away.
  • If you look carefully at all the dead people stuck outside the elven fort where they cleverly activated the defenses without knowing what they were going to do, I think there’s a couple of Harlequins or Zithers lying around.
  • Even in an abandoned elven glyph temple, everyone’s reading “Hard in Hightown.”
  • Well, I don’t know what we expected, picking up something called “eyes of the sorrow.”
  • In a real-world situation, I can’t imagine that anyone world think it was a good idea to reassemble the dead priest of Dirthamen.
  • It’s a bad job when even Solus is all “yeah…I probably wouldn’t.”
  • Ok, off to the Storm Coast to open up the Red Templar port.
  • Don’t you kind of worry about us, given how much time we spend prancing about red lyrium?
  • Isn’t it basically like wandering around, fondling radium?
  • And this dragon level is…19. So we’ll be coming back later to Dragon Isle.
  • Hey Cole–I found your amulet.
  • Oh whoa, Cole.  Easy on the killing, tiger.
  • While my first choice would be to go with Varric and make Cole a real boy, this is the Solasmance playthrough, so he gets to stay a spirit.
  • I would say, however, I think the ex-templar dude is getting off pretty easy, being able to forget all about the time he let some poor kid starve to death.
  • Ok.  Time to go to the ball.



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