Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Here Lies the Abyss


Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Welcome to Crestwood.
  • Oh look. It’s raining again.
  • This guy you can’t talk to who only says “Hello Stranger” in Crestwood is kinda creepy.
  • Yeah Jana, now is really not a good time to join the Wardens.
  • I’m glad we kept this hidden cave a secret, by claiming it as a landmark.
  • Blackwall and Dorian have issues.
  • Dorian’s idea of trash-talking is “take that, you filth!”
  • Stroud! Nice to see you, guy-I-am-not-emotionally-invested-in.
  • For an elite squad, the Wardens sure do get duped a lot.
  • “How ’bout you Blackwall? You hearing the calling?”
  • “Uh…no! Calling’s just for weaklings!”
  • Gauld, Judith is Just Not That Into You.
  • Ok, one more dragon whittled down from the next state in like 20 minutes.
  • Alright. Time for the Western Approach.
  • Given that we already visited a swamp where everyone died of the plague and became undead, Harding saying this is the worst place in the world is unsettling.
  • Hey, look, a perfectly good keep.
  • Varric was really not a fan of Sebastian. I wonder why? He even admits Seb was nice.
  • Oop, I killed a fennec again. I hate when they get in the way of the lightning.
  • Look Vivienne, you don’t have to sneer at everyone–you’re just getting to go so you can find your books.
  • I was never totally sure how the whole Seeker thing shook out. The new guy in charge read the secret book, got horrified, and then decided to throw his lot in with demons and kill everyone?
  • Because that doesn’t seem like he was all that stable to begin with.
  • And the Big Secret was that the Seekers always had the ability to reverse Tranquils? I’m not sure why that would have been a source of outrage in the first place. You’d think people would be happy that they could reverse the mages that got turned inappropriately.
  • You know, I kind of feel that any magic that freezes all these demons in time might be the kind we don’t want to reverse.
  • So a big staff apparently supporting a levitating ball of magic exuding blood. I should probably screw with that, right?
  • Ugh. This Reinforced Enchanter Mail is the highest rated armor, but it is ugly as sin.
  • I can’t even think of what Dorian and Vivienne would say at having to wear yellow plaid.
  • “Next time the damn demons can stay frozen.”
  • I’m with Bull.
  • On to “The Trouble With Darkspawn.” Nice Trek reference.
  • “Don’t worry! We’ll hold the bridge! No Darkspawn coming throught here!” Except the dozen or so that are always roaming around this area.
  • Coracavus is a much nicer prison than you’d expect.
  • Although, I guess the Vints always were stylish.
  • I hate when you pick up a veilfire torch because a) I can never tell when we’ve gotten all the runes and feel obligated to carry it around forever after, and b) I keep dropping it every time I fight.
  • Wow, killing giants is so much easier when you’re playing something that can attack at range. Melee is for chumps.
  • Ok, off to pick up Hawke and Stroud.  Varric, Blackwall and Solus, saddle up.
  • The Tevinter Empire, one can only assume, is based on everyone else in Thedas being dumber than a sack of bricks.
  • Ok that was a short encounter. On to Adamant!
  • This part I always had trouble with. We know they initially went along with the Vint plan because they were scared of the Calling. The mages, you get, are all mind controlled. What about all the other guys? Don’t they ever wonder why everyone is attacking them all of a sudden? Why would they go along with a plan where most of them die, when the whole point was to prevent them from dying in the first place?
  • Well ok, I guess from the notes you find around, they weren’t exactly letting the non-mages in on the whole plan. You would think, though, that there would be ONE other person besides Stroud who thought calling in the Vints was a bad idea.
  • I have never been able to talk the little band of wardens into joining me. I think I had to kill them all last time, and this time I was able to make them just go out for coffee until this all blows over.
  • Wow, these Pride demons require a bit of work.
  • Erimond, you jerk.
  • Well, at least we saved that elf back in Crestwood from being a random sacrifice here.
  • Go on, Blackwall–tell them what’s what!
  • Clarel, you dummy.
  • Erimond wasn’t so much for dueling. It’s like he failed the self-defense course at Vint school.
  • Ok, I have a hard time believing Clarel could do anything, after the dragon literally chomped down on her, much less bring down the battlement.
  • …And now we’re in the Fade.
  • Hey, it’s Justinia/Not-Justinia!
  • Man, those Wardens were the Weakest Link.
  • Maybe we could have waited to pick up all out memories and alerted the Nightmare to our presence until we found a way out and had one foot out the door already.
  • The Claws of Dumat seem to indicate that Corypheus was a normal guy until he became fearful that the Vints were turning away from the Old Gods. Was Nightmare actually the orchestrator of this whole thing, starting back with the second sin?
  • It’s all candles and skulls until you hit a bit that looks like a part that fell off the Mako.
  • Ugh, the list of fears from the kid whose Dad is clearly going through The Calling is the worst.
  • Ha, I love the fear that’s taken the shape of a spider called “Ironically, Spiders.”
  • Not sure how effective Justinia’s sacrifice was here, given that the giant spider just came back again.
  • The Sophie’s Choice moment. RIP Stroud.
  • So this part also never made any sense to me. First, are we really thinking that such a sizable number of wardens survived, and none of them were any kind of officers?
  • Plus, what about The Warden?  In my playthrough, she might be missing, but she’s still alive somewhere, and is pretty high-ranking.
  • For that matter, Alistair is still a warden, even though he’s king, and he should be able to help out.
  • Even if there’s nobody, how can you exile all the wardens? What do you think is going to happen when the next blight comes around? It’s like we forgot everything we knew about why we needed the wardens in the first place.
  • All the disapproval.  Look Solas, I know you have a beef with the wardens because of that whole “kill all the old gods” plan, but it’s the best way.



2 thoughts on “Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Here Lies the Abyss”

  1. I never recognized Stroud from Dragon Age II until after I finished up the game. It would have been a really unfair choice anyway, choosing between an NPC and a former player character, but it was even more so when my only connection to the dude was for that one arc. Poor warden never stood a chance.

    The choice of what to do with the wardens never made much sense to me either. Especially considering I got a letter from my Warden, who had previously led a chapter of wardens in Awakening, so he was both present and had leadership authority. Just felt like one of those times where the world only functions in relationship to the player.

    1. Well, I guess the main choice people were supposed to agonize over was Grey Warden Alistair vs. Hawke which, since I’m pretty fond of Alistair, might have gone poorly for Hawke. Since I always make him King in Origins however, it’s kind of unfortunate for Stroud. A closer choice would have been the Grey Warden sibling from DA2, but since I usually kill off Carver and send Bethany to the Circle, that would mostly be moot too.

      Yeah, the Warden thing is just baffling to me. Like there’s a whole bunch of them, and they’re all sitting there going “wait, we can’t do anything with no one to be in charge,” and you half expect your Warden to come back and start kicking rumps yelling “I SAVED ALL OF FERELDEN WITH JUST ONE OTHER GUY WHO DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING!” If I ever see the writers at a convention again, I’m going to have to ask about it.

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