Once Upon A Time, S5E1: “The Dark Swan”

Photo from http://onceuponatime.wikia.com/wiki/Once_Upon_a_Time_Wiki
Spoiler Thoughts:
  • Well that worked differently than in “Sword in the Stone.”
  • Robin Hood still trying to wrap his mind around how quickly people change sides here.
  • Wow, I thought he was dead.
  • Oh, a dud.
  • Well, I might argue that you don’t owe anyone for something you didn’t ask for, but I might be evil.
  • Kind of a jerky peasant.
  • Maybe it would have been more meaningful if Robin Hood had jerked her hand away.
  • Rumple is so much more fun as Rumple.
  • I feel like maybe Zelena is not so reliable.
  • Oh Hook, you are such a dupe.
  • Merida doesn’t have the best judgement.
  • Bringing the Dark One home might not be the best move.
  • Breaking the Wicked Witch out might not be the best move either.
  • Wow, that did not go well at all.
  • How could anyone ever believe anyone is who they look like now?
  • There are a lot of conflicted feelings about mothers and children in this show.
  • I’m not sure having a kid is a guarantee they’ll love you forever.  Just sayin’.
  • Yay Regina!  Always nice when going good doesn’t mean going stupid.
  • Not that we’re looking at you, Hook, but…
  • Hard to blame Merida.  You pick up a hitchhiker that starts talking to themselves about killing you, you’re going to drop that sucker like a hot potato.
  • Maybe you shouldn’t take the kids and babies on the certain death adventure?
  • Merida is kind of an idiot.
  • Gosh, I didn’t think they were going to get there that fast.  I figured they were going to turn out to be good voices in her head, to combat Rumple.
  • At least Merida’s poor judgement is consistent.
  • I think Merida was pretty forgiving, considering how she reacted to Emma just saying she was going to kill her, versus actually trying to kill her.
  • They brought their own fast-food restaurant to Camelot.
  • Because you never know if you’re going to like the food when you travel.
  • That castle looks a mite familiar.
  • Everyone’s back!  And they stopped at a Renaissance Fair on the way back!
  • You know, the number of times these guys have had amnesia, they should probably all get MRIs.

Heroes Reborn, Season One, Episode 101: “Brave New World/Odessa”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • HRG man!  Still trying to make up with Claire, like he was for around 3 seasons.
  • Well that could have gone better.
  • I’d have to say, Claire is probably the last person I’d be worrying about in this situation.
  • I feel like it might have been easier for him to cut through the leather cuff than his arm.
  • Flynn Rider, no!
  • This drunk and the pathetic teacher are pretty ugh.
  • Wow, HRG went younger this time.
  • #GoAsians!
  • If this girl was really that nice, it’s hard to think she’d be with that jerk.
  • Oh, the brother from Dark Matters!
  • Oh this fiancee is a total plant.
  • [Gentle foreboding music]
  • [Gentle exotic music]
  • Ophthalmologists are only trying to help everyone.
  • String theory:  TV’s shorthand for crazy person.
  • I feel like maybe he could have got to an ER by this time.
  • This girl could play Alicia Silverstone’s little sister.
  • Looks like Flynn just got sent to the cornfield.
  • This is not a very profitable Ophthalmologist’s office.
  • Well this is a lot faster than most exams.
  • The sigil!
  • Ok, what?
  • Wha…
  • The Haitian speaks!
  • Poor Rene.
  • Also all those people who will never get their contact lens exam.
  • Mohinder voice over!
  • Wow, that was some bad timing, Peter Pan.
  • I don’t think this couple passed grief counseling.
  • Apparently no one in Japan locks their doors.
  • NO.  They did NOT go to LEEROY JENKINS.
  • I don’t want to say that this terrible stepfather reminds me of someone, but he does.
  • Oh man, this Japanese subplot is the best.
  • He’s a master at this game because he’s spent “hours” at it.
  • Gambling is no good for anyone.
  • Well at least HRG still has his parking spot.
  • I don’t think I’d jump into anyplace unless I knew how I was going to get out.
  • Why would Claire die?  She was the one who couldn’t be killed!
  • Like Sylar literally scalped her, checked out her brain, and then reassembled her, and she was fine.
  • If anyone thinks HRG is going to be full-out honest with them, they are sadly mistaken.
  • I’m not sure this is an upgrade for Tommy.
  • This is a lot of things this poor girl can’t tell anyone.
  • Sadly, he just sent them to EVO file room central.
  • You know, this couple might not be all that stable.
  • Are these the people HRG was selling the car to in the beginning?
  • OMG.


Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Side Quests and The Emerald Graves


Spoiler Thoughts:

    • Back to Skyhold to see if anyone wants to chat now.
    • Dorian had the despair ham!
    • The Quizition has to be one of the oddest parts of this game.
    • Oh Cole. You’re so spirit-y now. I don’t know if we went the right way on this, even though you seem happier.
    • I feel like the way to approval with everyone is to just keep saying “I agree” to everything.
    • That’s great. Our surgeon apparently subscribes to the New England Journal of Trepanning.
    • Who should be the new Divine? I kind of favor Cassandra. Leliana is a little flighty, and Vivienne is kind of awful.
    • Poor Blackwall. Poor just-wanting-to-be-uninvolved Blackwall.
    • Morrigan is still so cool. Claudia Black does such a good job with her.
    • Irking that even though I killed Anders on my last playthrough and synced everything up with the Keep, it insists that he’s still alive.
    • Oh great. I think Blackwall left, and I didn’t finish Memories of the Grey yet. I wonder if you can do it when he comes back?
    • I still don’t get the whole Tyrdda song-story. I guess she had some unfortunate romances?
    • I think that’s an example of how tough it is to do a narrative when you don’t know the order people will find the segments.
    • Every time I’m walking around and just find a gigantic wheel of cheese sitting around for no reason, I like to think Alistair was there.


  • Ok Varric, we’ll go to Valammar.
  • Ugh, Bianca, you are the worst.
  • Oh, and after all that, you’re going to threaten me? I almost hope something does happen to Varric, so you can come after me and I can pound you into mulch.
  • Varric, your love life is your own business, but I’d rip that page out of your little black book and feed it to the mabari.
  • Dorian and Bull never seem to say much beyond their personal quests.
  • Solas also has relatively little to say, compared with Cullen’s romance.
  • Ok, off to the Emerald Graves.
  • Fun fact: After investing about 300 hours into this game, until today I always thought this area was called “Emerald Glades.”
  • Wow, there are a lot of dead people who aren’t getting their burial sites visited.
  • I can’t believe they made us kill that poor bear and her cubs just because the guy who surveys the camp locations is high.
  • If I killed all the important people leading the Freemen, why am I still having to kill Freemen all over the place? Who’s leading them now?
  • We’re sitting here looking at a French-fried corpse, and Solus is all “he underestimated how dangerous the rift is.”
  • Cunning deduction, Mr. Bond.
  • I don’t even know why we follow up on all these sad letters to significant others sitting next to charred remains. It’s like we want to be sad.
  • All these haunted/possessed chateaus are just nightmare fuel. Poor Betta.
  • Oh nice. The wedding ring was in the spider’s stomach.
  • Ok, do these giants just keep spawning? Because holy moly, there are a ton of them here.
  • I also like how our agents are just sitting here in the middle of Giant Central, like they don’t realize this is a terrible place to put their chest.
  • This poor dude who was trying to compete with Genativi for Thedosian Historian.
  • Ok, killed our fifth dragon. At least it dropped some decent armor.
  • Poor Solas, who has to upgrade from those snazzy ancient elven robes to reinforced battle age mail, which looks like he killed a fox and slung it over one shoulder.
  • Ok, off to the Knight’s Tomb.
  • I don’t know if the map on this one is buggy or what, but the markers never seem to correlate that well with where the seal pieces are, and if I unlock a door, it still has the lock symbol.
  • Man, this tarot card codex system is practically useless. How can you look up anything, when it’s nothing but a mass of cards, most of which all have the same back? Even the “unread” mark is so hard to see most of the time, it takes forever to find the ones you haven’t read.
  • Alas for the Emerald Knights. Pocahontas all over again.
  • “The Executors.” I’m sure they won’t come back to bite us in the ass one of these days.
  • Ok Leliana, lets see what Justinia left you in Valence.
  • I can’t imagine hardening Leliana. How can encouraging someone to turn into a sociopath be a good thing?
  • Granted, she was a little kooky in Origins, she deserves to be happy and go shoe shopping once in awhile.
  • Time to go get Blackwall.
  • Oh man, I can’t believe I finally found the place that sells beds and drapes!
  • Poor Blackwall. Some crimes are harder to come back from.
  • Wow, Cullen came all the way from Skyhold. He must really be pissed.
  • Just get him out Josephine. Ohana means no one is left behind or forgotten.
  • Emprise du Lion time.

Teen Wolf, Season One, Episode Nine: “Wolf’s Bane”



  • OMG, Derek can NEVER catch a break.
  • OK, if I knew I was totally sensitive to bright lights, and people were going to use that to kill me, I might invest in some good polarized sunglasses.
  • I think Scott is maybe underplaying the whole “I fingered you for a serial killer” move he made.
  • Also, nothing like saying “sorry for being such a jackass to everyone,” Scott.
  • Jackson was growing a plant inside his neck?
  • Holy CRAP would a RN never let someone use their computer like that.
  • Stiles is occasionally not that helpful.
  • I guess it hasn’t occurred to Jackson that maybe someone who is way stronger and faster and whatever could be a lousy person to try to blackmail.
  • Alison is also kind of a creep for totally allowing her BFF’s boyfriend to creep on her like that.
  • Well for such an aggressively defensive family, the Argents certainly don’t have much of a security system on their house.
  • “My cousin Miguel.”  DYING.
  • Wow, Alison didn’t have very refined survival instincts at this point.
  • “Can you get turned by a scratch?”  Yes, Kate.  Yes, I believe you can.

Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts


Spoiler Thoughts:

    • I really like this quest because it’s so different from the “march-around-outdoors-killing-things” we usually do.
    • Having read “Masked Empire,” I’d have to say that I’m not a huge fan of Gaspard or Briala. #TeamCelene
    • Briala in particular, grates on me for some reason. She’s one of those characters I feel I’m supposed to really like and admire for her spunk and her determination, but whom I actually just think is kind of a jerk.
    • Hmm…who shall we bring? Last playthrough we took all the people we thought were least likely to embarrass us, so maybe this time we’ll go with Team Totally Inappropriate.
    • Sera, Solas, and Bull, get your dancing boots on.
    • Solas seems to be enjoying himself a little more than I would have thought he would, here.
    • I mean, he is literally all “woo! Open bar! Good luck with whatever you’re doing!”
    • Oh Bull. You are such a comfort.
    • You get the feeling the Qunari are light on the culinary sciences.
    • Gaspard is so awful. Cullen really shouldn’t be supporting him.


    • “Elves have no place in politics.” Do you really wanna say that straight to the elven Inquisitor, Gaspard?
    • I wish these palace segments weren’t timed. The environments are so pretty, I’d love to be able to look around a little rather than sprinting through like a mad person.
    • I also feel like the hurry to get back to the ballroom keeps me from really getting the whole dead elf thing. All of a sudden Briala shows up like “thanks for revenging my dead agents!” And I’m all “…They were shooting at me?”
    • I swear, Bull is the only one who can make these weird jumps. For a big guy, he’s pretty nimble.
    • I love this dancing scene so much. I wish more of the game had used scenes like this.
    • Josephine is all “yeah, you should go search those quarters.” Hey, how about someone who isn’t the total object of everyone’s attention do that?
    • Nobody’s having a better time at this party than Bull.
    • I always laugh hysterically whenever the Inquisitor has to abruptly change clothes when they’re going to start fighting. Like you came to the ball with this elaborate formal uniform with belts and sashes and buttons up to your chin, and then you sneak into a passageway and all of a sudden guys pop out with swords and you’re all “Uhm…hold on a second. Could someone hold my boots for a minute? Did anyone remember to bring my other pants?”
    • Ah Florianne. Such a villain, you could almost believe she had Tevinter blood in her.
    • That’s ok Cullen. Don’t mention that I’ve shown up in totally different clothes covered in blood. It’s all cool.
    • Oh thanks, WordPress, for totally deleting my finished post and leaving me with this earlier draft.  NOT HELPING.
    • I feel a little bad for totally lying to Celene about Briala doing all this stuff to help her, when Briala was trying to kill her just as much as Gaspard.


    • However, since I think you get more approval if they rule together, you’ll have to resume your relationship of lies, Celene.  Sorry.
    • Also kind of feel bad about Gaspard getting killed when he wasn’t really playing The Game any more horribly than anyone else there.
    • But that’s what you get for trying to start a fight in a burning house.


  • Welcome aboard, Morrigan! I guess we can find you a double room.  At least you don’t need much closet space.
  • That was a pretty quick dance, Solas.  I feel like I remember Cullen making a bigger deal about it.
  • Ok everyone, party’s over.  You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Live Blog: “American Experience: Walt Disney, Part 2”


Back for the second half.  On the one hand, yay Disneyland!  And on the other, hard to think this one isn’t going to have a downer of an ending.

  • Ugh, Neal Gabler.
  • Man, can you imagine what your life would be like, if you had bought Disney at $4 a share?
  • Well this seems like an awful long amount of time to spend on Walt’s questionable reaction to the strike, when we spent virtually no time on his stint overseas with the Red Cross seeing the world and learning to cartoon.
  • Ok, I think it’s a little bit of a stretch to say that the whole South American goodwill tour was solely intended to let Walt “skip town.”
  • I think Rockefeller, the US government, and the Nazis might have had a little bit to do with it.
  • Nice.  The Bambi death scene.  HDY.
  • I don’t know–this seems like a long way to come just to pummel us with his involvement in McCarthyism.
  • I’m not sure I buy the whole “man in crisis” pop psychoanalysis.
  • How do we know what the context the quote is in?  Maybe he was being realistic, acknowledging that the market wasn’t going to allow him the same financial and artistic freedom he had with Snow White, and accepting that future productions would be under constraints?
  • With all the talk about how he apparently didn’t care about animation anymore, I don’t see them mentioning that he stated his favorite animated sequence was Marc Davis’ Cinderella transformation scene.
  • …Or maybe the Dude just liked trains?
  • It’s weird to me that the interstitial music always starts out like I think they’re going to use the music from “Wall-E.”
  • This Ryman Disneyland drawing has to be one of the most amazing pieces of contemporary artwork ever.
  • This Ellenshaw Disneyland painting with the black-light effect is also one of the most amazing pieces of contemporary artwork ever.
  • It says something about Walt’s powers of persuasion, that after over sixty years later, and as many times as I’ve been to Disneyland, I never fail to feel like getting in the car and driving over after watching him present it.
  • This is weirdly unhappy-sounding music for this building-Disneyland montage.
  • Wow, I would not have wanted to be one of the WED workers who tried to tell Walt to push back opening day.
  • “Traffic was backed up for seven miles on Harbor Boulevard.”  Now, we call that “Friday night.”
  • Oh man, I remember ticket booths.
  • Ah, the world’s least safety-compliant trams.
  • I see we cut away before shooting the dead guy lying outside the burning cabin.
  • I would move into the Monsanto House of the Future in a hot second.
  • Who in Heaven’s Name would ever think Reality was better than anything?
  • You know, I keep finding excuses to pause the video, because I know eventually they’re going to start bashing Disneyland, and then I’m gonna want to leap through the screen and rip someone’s lungs out.
  • Ron Miller!
  • The fact that you can’t imagine someone successful not being a jerk, maybe doesn’t mean that every successful person is, in fact, a jerk.
  • “Mary Poppins” is really practically perfect.
  • Oh, serious?
  • Funny, I actually thought I heard that corn anecdote as something Diane Disney had said to him.
  • Can you even imagine what it would be like to wander around EPCOT in a climate controlled environment?
  • Nooo, not 1966.  It’s too soon!
  • …And, we’re out.  *sniffle*
  • Well, I think it’s nice that it wasn’t a total hatchet job, but clearly they were taking pains to not look like they were making a Disney movie about Walt Disney.
  • On the whole, I’d agree that most of their important points in his timeline were correct–I would just question the lines they drew between them.
  • For example, it’s true that Disney did appear to abandon various mediums as soon as he peaked in them, but they make it seem more like he was constantly racing away from failure and feelings of worthlessness versus pursuing innovation and curiosity.
  • I also understand the viewpoint that says they needed to keep it more general for the broader, non-Disney Geek audience, but realistically, are we really thinking a huge number of people not already interested in Walt Disney are going to be seeking this out?
  • If you’re willing to commit four hours to watching a documentary on something, I think you’ve probably already self-selected yourself into a biased group.  I think it’s ok to dig a little deeper.
  • “True Hollywood” style “he was riding high–but then it all came crashing down” patterns aside, it was a nice looking piece, and if  “One Man’s Dream” isn’t going to be around anymore, it’s good there’s archival footage of Walt’s earlier days available.

Live Blog: “American Experience: Walt Disney, Part 1”


Ok, ready for this fairly-well publicized Walt Disney documentary.

  • Ugh, Neal Gabler.
  • Always amazes me, these people who have such a strong drive to do something from such a young age.  Jim Henson sounds like he was the same way.
  • Watching how Walt operated in his early years of Laugh-O-Gram, reminds me of that scene in “Music Man,” when Harold Hill is getting hunted down for scamming the townspeople towards the end, and Ronny Howard asks him if there was ever going to be a band, and Robert Preston says “I always think there’s going to be a band.”
  • Roy is such a generally unsung hero.
  • Ub Iwerks is an unbelievable genius.  It’s so unlikely that Walt would have lucked into working with him from the beginning, it almost gives the whole thing an air of destiny.
  • Wow, that was a quick jump from Ub to Lillian.
  • Now again, this makes it seem like some sort of unilateral-Roy-squelching measure that Walt takes on renaming the studio.  It’s the same thing they portrayed in that small musical that was made about Walt a couple years ago, but I have never heard or read of anything that implied that Roy wasn’t just as much a proponent of the idea as Walt.
  • Ugh.  F’ing Mintz.
  • Strange to put the whole Marceline segment during the train ride back from New York.
  • Interesting that they’re not going with the usual story of Walt coming up with Mickey on the train ride back.
  • I’m not totally sure I tend to think of Mickey as a big rebel figure.
  • Man, I want that $3.95 watch.
  • I wonder why they didn’t get Julie Andrews to narrate this, like with “One Man’s Dream.”
  • But maybe they didn’t want it to seem like a “Disney Production.”
  • An uncredited Marge Champion.
  • I can never figure out how Roy did all this intricate financial management with like a high-school level education.
  • All these years later, and “Snow White” still makes the majority of animated features out there look like two cents.
  • The Evil Queen design is so great.  Archetypal.
  • One of my favorite Walt quotes about this time period runs something like “I didn’t know if people would go to watch an animated feature, but what I did know, was that no one would go to see a bad one.”
  • This always seems like probably the single time in his life where he has a completely unadulterated success.  All those failures and bankruptcies and the years of people telling him he was crazy, and for this one moment in time, everyone liked what he did.
  • Well, if he was waiting for Hollywood to take animation seriously, he’d be waiting still.
  • Walt was such a great storyman.
  • He made his studios air conditioned and 75 years later, I have to spend the day in a Coffee Bean and Tea so as not to die in the heat.
  • Ok, I’m not totally sold that this is underwater photography, but it doesn’t detract from the amazing art “Pinocchio” featured.
  • Ok, THAT’s a better eye drawing than you’ll see in any modern-day feature.
  • Wow, that scene where Lampwick turns into a donkey is pretty horrifying.
  • That’s the thing with Old School Disney films.  You’d be watching along thinking “well that’s pretty.  Look at that, that’s cute, and GOOD LORD, WHAT’S HAPPENING, HOLY MOTHER OF”
  • Ah.  Always a good time when the gatekeepers come in to tell you you’re enjoying their favorite thing wrong.
  • So quaint now that they were agitated at Walt making 5x more than some of his offices.  How many times more do we think Trump makes compared to his lowest paid employees?
  • It paints a fairly unflattering portrait of Disney as far as his employees go, but it’s not hard to see where his viewpoints came from.  He had risen from abject poverty and worked all his life to get to where he was, so the idea that other people wanted money without having done the same was probably maddening.
  • Well that was kind of a down point to end on.