Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Random Companion Quests


Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ok, level 12. Maybe we can try to take the Hinterlands dragon.
  • Well, getting incinerated at the first tunnel isn’t helping.
  • Ok, found a spot behind some rocks where I can just whittle at her with a basic attack until the cows come home.
  • Ho hum…
  • Look guys, maybe if things are on fire, don’t run straight into them, and you won’t burn up?
  • Alright, some half an hour of clicking later, she’s finally dead. Ding dong.
  • OMG, I hate this shard.
  • GAAH, even if you save after you make that first hard jump, it loads with you back on the ground again!
  • That’s right Bull. You the Man.
  • On to Valammar.
  • “Ok Blackwall! Time to use those tainted senses! How many Darkspawn are there?”
  • “Uhm…hard to say. Look! Over there! A bunny!”
  • Wait, what did Cole say?
  • KOTOR. [passes out]
  • Anyone who doesn’t know what Cass feels at getting the sequel to “Swords and Shields” has lived a hollow life.
  • It’s a sure thing, that if the load screen takes a long time, the cards will each be one-liners. If it’s short, they’re like a three page essay.
  • “Demands of the Qun” time. Ok Bull, lets see if the Chargers survive this time.
  • Oh, Dorian not a big fan of the Qun.
  • I wonder if Gatt ever knew Fenris, given that they were both slaves taken to Seheron. But I guess we don’t really know the relative time periods.
  • Gatt’s pretty judgy about someone who SAVED HIS LIFE.
  • Aw, Cass and I are buds.
  • We will hold book club together, starting with “Swords and Shields.”
  • Of to “Under Her Skin.”
  • Calpernia seems to have issues.
  • Dagna invented facetiming.
  • Well, while Dagna works on that, I guess we could go try to help poor poverty-stricken Josie.
  • Is there anyone anywhere who has actually gone along with Mother Gisele and deceived Dorian?
  • Alright off to help Solas’ friend in the Exalted Plains.
  • Hard to say we aren’t coming in and taking over, when the first thing we start doing is spiking out poles into their landmarks.
  • Ok Nissa. I’ll put the herbs you couldn’t be bothered to pick yourself in the chest that’s three feet away for you.
  • Oh dude, don’t try magesplaining to Solas right now. It’s not going to go well.
  • Although I would normally not let Solas kill these guys, Inquisitor’s an elf this time around, so Shem life is pretty cheap.
  • Why does everyone leave, right after their personal quest? Is it an elf thing?
  • “Hey Blackwall, know anything about Corypheus?”
  • Meanwhile, “Your parents are reaching out to you. Doesn’t that mean anything?”
  • “Only that they’re trying to choke me.”
  • Dorian’s a candidate for the Jerry Springer show.
  • Dumat’s shrine seems a little sparser than I’d think, for such an important god.
  • You almost feel sorry for Erasthenes, until you remember he was a slaver.
  • I love the chess (?) game with Cullen.  Greg Ellis and Ramon Tikaram are such great voices.
  • Well, probably time to get back to the story line, before we run through all the companion stuff half way through the game.
  • On to “Here Lies the Abyss.”



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