Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Eight: “Ouroboros”

Screencap from http://teen-wolf-mtv.wikia.com/wiki/Teen_Wolf_Wikia

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Deaton! And a rando! Not gonna lie rando, I don’t hold out a lot of hope for you.
  • RIP rando. We hardly knew ye.
  • Sheriff now wishing he didn’t make house calls.
  • Ow! But probably nothing he didn’t expect.
  • It’s a hurt, Melissa, but he’s not wrong.
  • Hayden’s sister was a pretty smooth worker there.
  • Oh double ow!
  • So Parrish never thinks it might be a good thing to tell anyone that he keeps waking up all soot and blood covered, not to mention naked?
  • Liam, didn’t you try that last time?
  • No, why would he think that Kira? Just because she was stabbed with your sword, you were wandering around by yourself, and he had to stop you from killing some other dude earlier this week?
  • Hate it when people pull out their own tubes at the hospital.
  • I’m not sure Scott got informed consent for that.
  • Ew. No, I do not want to look at whatever those guys left on your back.
  • Wow, it’s going to be sad if Parrish incinerates Hayden’s sister.
  • Claws and fangs are probably the least of your worries.
  • That is some unorthodox eye surgery.
  • This is a crappy day for poor Sheriff Stilinski.
  • Thank goodness for Mason, since I’m pretty sure Malia isn’t in a position to psychologically support Scott.
  • Hm, hope they opted for cremation.
  • #PeaceOutKira
  • Maybe a better question would be “when isn’t something wrong with you and your friends?”


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