Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: From the Ashes

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • This is gonna be the playthrough where we figure out crafting.
  • So this whole place is a dump, but Josephine already has her books shelved? How did she drag her books up the mountains?
  • I see Solas has his room set up as well. Like they used movers.
  • We walked to Haven? It seemed a lot longer coming over from there.
  • Wow, Solas really is a fast mover.
  • Oh it was all a dream. I hope the part about the archdemon and the Venatori was a dream too.
  • Of course you can join up, Cole. It’s not like we haven’t all killed people…lots of people…
  • Cole is so tragical.
  • Hawke!
  • Ok, Hawke, you’re starting out a bit of a downer.
  • “Sooo…you had friends back in Kirkwall. What…became of them? Not…Not that I care.” Subtle.
  • Oh Fenris.
  • Hm. It seems like it didn’t really matter whether you saved all the townspeople or not, because they all got replaced anyway.
  • Dorian is so awesome. I want us to be BFFs.
  • “Soporati” is apparently Tevinter for “muggle.”
  • I never know whether I should exhaust the dialogue trees or ration out the dialogue to try to last the game.
  • I guess not talking much to Vivienne didn’t endear us to her any.
  • Blackwall suddenly shrieking “WE CAN’T DO THIS, OURS IS A FORBIDDEN LOVE” always makes me feel like I missed something.
  • We were only chatting, Blackwall. You should have seen what Solas did while I was sleeping.
  • So wait–if we made Alistair king, and don’t side with the mages, we don’t get to see him at all?
  • WOE.
  • Ok, on to Lost Souls.

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