Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Five: “A Novel Approach”

Screencap from http://teen-wolf-mtv.wikia.com/wiki/Teen_Wolf_Wikia

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Oh Stiles. Into the abandoned school? This doesn’t seem like it has the best potential for survival.
  • Dude, don’t sit around doing an autopsy, RUN.
  • I wouldn’t be too upset about this one Stiles. He was kind of a waste of protoplasm.
  • This is why I always carry hand sanitizer.
  • Don’t go back in Stiles.
  • I said DON’T go back in, Stiles.
  • So creepy when they don’t use music.
  • Parrish always was an efficient worker.
  • Oh Theo. we know you don’t mean it.
  • Why do you not want to tell everyone about mouth-hand guy Stiles? Pretty sure they’re ok with occasionally killing people.
  • I see not telling anybody anything is going to be a theme this season.
  • Not helping, Scott.
  • Well this is a plan where surely nothing can go wrong.
  • Man, if only anyone had paid attention to Danny’s science project that one year.
  • Wow, Malia even freaked out Theo.
  • What the heck kind of drivers do they have in Beacon Hills, where the truck sees people in the street and doesn’t even slow down?
  • Malia might not even be the worst driver in town.
  • Ok Scott I’m sure Stiles and Lydia will be just fine by themselves down there, locked in with the psychos.
  • Dude is in pretty good shape from being locked up in an insane asylum for who knows how long.
  • I don’t know if I think right outside the door is a totally safe place to rest.
  • I can’t tell whether they put the eye back in, or took it out.

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