Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Four: “Condition Terminal”

Screencap from http://teen-wolf-mtv.wikia.com/wiki/Teen_Wolf_Wikia

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • You know it’s a good date when it involves the girl trying to set you on fire.
  • In other news, I might not be that quick to pick up these show details.
  • Parrish became the Human Torch?
  • Oh look, here comes Donovan’s new lawyers.
  • Why on Earth is Stiles the best one to go catch the supernatural monster? Did they forget he’s the only one with no powers?
  • This is why you should only go to accredited dentists.
  • Are you kidding me? They’re not going to believe Malia? Like three guys with masks is the weirdest thing to come by Beacon Hills?
  • Well at least we know the bitchy AP Bio teacher hates everyone. Time to start checking her car for steam punk masks.
  • Oh Theo. you are so pretty to be evil.
  • Noooo! Stiles!
  • Someday Teen Wolf will run out of ideas for a big dance party set, but today is not that day.
  • Nooo! Scott!
  • Nooo! Lucas!
  • Nooo! Mason!
  • Oh Kira. This is maybe not the best time.
  • “Is everyone ok?”
  • Well let’s see: Lucas is a were-scorpion, Brett has a bellyful of venom, your GF just tried to kill an unconscious dude, and Mason will probably never go clubbing again.
  • [Everyone nods.]
  • GD it, can’t anyone think of the jeep?



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