Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Three: “Dreamcatchers”

Screencap from http://teen-wolf-mtv.wikia.com/wiki/Teen_Wolf_Wikia

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Because of course, she would eat everyone but the evilly guy.
  • Well, hard to say whether that was better than getting eaten.
  • Lydia is maybe not the best Driver’s Ed teacher.
  • Mason is the best. So sleep-enhanced.
  • Man, this AP Bio teacher is the worst. Why would she hate Scott? Scott is the Hot Girl!
  • Kira better get over here, or she’s only going to be left with her supernatural parent.
  • Tracy has the grossest stuff come out of her mouth.
  • Wow, Kira didn’t even bother to check on her Dad. Cold.
  • I guess it would be tough to explain why you’re taking her to the
  • Why would you have poor Stiles help hold her down, when Malia is right there?
  • Oh Denton. Wear a mask and gloves, for God’s Sake.
  • Well hey, that went pretty poorly.
  • GET OUT. Linden Ashby is dating his wife?!
  • Mason is just beginning to realize the Horror that is Beacon Hills.
  • This is the part where Kira should have spent a little of that sword practice time on her electrical/fire powers.
  • Ok Kira, this might the time to call 911.
  • Well those are pretty crappy doctors. 1/5 stars on Yelp.



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