Disney Legends and Movie Stars: Everyone Comes to D23 Expo.

My report on the next couple of days I spent at D23 Expo 2015 is up now on http://AllEars.Net.

The first full day, I saw the Disney Legends Ceremony, tried to catch the big Animation panel, and heard about 60  years worth of Imagineering:


Photo courtesy of Disney.

The second day, I checked out next year’s slate of Disney live-action films, heard about the upcoming projects for Disney Parks and Resorts around the world, heard from “Once Upon A Time’s” Snow White and Evil Queen, and much more:


One more day to come!

Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Random Companion Quests


Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ok, level 12. Maybe we can try to take the Hinterlands dragon.
  • Well, getting incinerated at the first tunnel isn’t helping.
  • Ok, found a spot behind some rocks where I can just whittle at her with a basic attack until the cows come home.
  • Ho hum…
  • Look guys, maybe if things are on fire, don’t run straight into them, and you won’t burn up?
  • Alright, some half an hour of clicking later, she’s finally dead. Ding dong.
  • OMG, I hate this shard.
  • GAAH, even if you save after you make that first hard jump, it loads with you back on the ground again!
  • That’s right Bull. You the Man.
  • On to Valammar.
  • “Ok Blackwall! Time to use those tainted senses! How many Darkspawn are there?”
  • “Uhm…hard to say. Look! Over there! A bunny!”
  • Wait, what did Cole say?
  • KOTOR. [passes out]
  • Anyone who doesn’t know what Cass feels at getting the sequel to “Swords and Shields” has lived a hollow life.
  • It’s a sure thing, that if the load screen takes a long time, the cards will each be one-liners. If it’s short, they’re like a three page essay.
  • “Demands of the Qun” time. Ok Bull, lets see if the Chargers survive this time.
  • Oh, Dorian not a big fan of the Qun.
  • I wonder if Gatt ever knew Fenris, given that they were both slaves taken to Seheron. But I guess we don’t really know the relative time periods.
  • Gatt’s pretty judgy about someone who SAVED HIS LIFE.
  • Aw, Cass and I are buds.
  • We will hold book club together, starting with “Swords and Shields.”
  • Of to “Under Her Skin.”
  • Calpernia seems to have issues.
  • Dagna invented facetiming.
  • Well, while Dagna works on that, I guess we could go try to help poor poverty-stricken Josie.
  • Is there anyone anywhere who has actually gone along with Mother Gisele and deceived Dorian?
  • Alright off to help Solas’ friend in the Exalted Plains.
  • Hard to say we aren’t coming in and taking over, when the first thing we start doing is spiking out poles into their landmarks.
  • Ok Nissa. I’ll put the herbs you couldn’t be bothered to pick yourself in the chest that’s three feet away for you.
  • Oh dude, don’t try magesplaining to Solas right now. It’s not going to go well.
  • Although I would normally not let Solas kill these guys, Inquisitor’s an elf this time around, so Shem life is pretty cheap.
  • Why does everyone leave, right after their personal quest? Is it an elf thing?
  • “Hey Blackwall, know anything about Corypheus?”
  • Meanwhile, “Your parents are reaching out to you. Doesn’t that mean anything?”
  • “Only that they’re trying to choke me.”
  • Dorian’s a candidate for the Jerry Springer show.
  • Dumat’s shrine seems a little sparser than I’d think, for such an important god.
  • You almost feel sorry for Erasthenes, until you remember he was a slaver.
  • I love the chess (?) game with Cullen.  Greg Ellis and Ramon Tikaram are such great voices.
  • Well, probably time to get back to the story line, before we run through all the companion stuff half way through the game.
  • On to “Here Lies the Abyss.”


Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Nine: “Lies of Omission”

Screencap from http://teen-wolf-mtv.wikia.com/wiki/Teen_Wolf_Wikia

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • The surprising part is that anyone at Beacon Hills ever smiles, after all the bad mojo that’s gone down there.
  • Just gonna point out that the only Asian family pretty much hit the bricks as soon as it started looking bad here, and only 1/3 of them were even human.
  • Scott might be asking a lot from albuterol.
  • OMG Sheriff. Even if it was just plain mercury, instead of recently-vomited-up mercury, I think you’d still want a glove before dipping your finger in it.
  • Mercury out the nose is kind of a mood killer.
  • I guess no Coach this season?
  • The way Teen Wolf operates, Corey is either going to become a regular, or a corpse, pretty soon.
  • Well, I guess we know which way that went.
  • Oh Mason. This is such a bad school for you.
  • Oh serious, Scott? You are surely not going to doubt Stiles after all this.
  • Ok, this is pretty gross, even for this show.
  • This is not Malia’s season for saving people.
  • Wow, suddenly the closed captions have gone into warp drive.
  • Maybe stopping to mack on each other is a bad idea during a routine robbery, much less when you’re on the run from supernaturals.
  • Doctors know alcohol is just no good for you.
  • Oh Parrish, maybe don’t tell Lydia your whole dream.
  • Hate a guy who leaves in the middle of a movie.
  • This is a bad day for Sheriff Stalinski’s relationships with his son/son-figures.
  • Oh man, are we really going to do this in the rain?
  • I feel like Stiles would have been less oblique here. They’ve been doing a good job of making him feel paranoid and self-defensive where Scott is concerned this season, but I just think he would have come totally clean to him at this point.
  • Stiles is smart enough to not assume Scott knows the whole deal, and I think Scott has a big enough heart to forgive Stiles anything.
  • Well, it seems harsh, and yet remember how well this worked out for Derek, when he had someone bite his true love.


Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: Lost Souls


Spoiler Thoughts:

  • OMG, these bogfishers make the bears look like cupcakes.
  • Well that was a confusing conversation Cole and Skywalker just had.
  • Although granted, only slightly more confusing than any conversation Cole has.
  • This quest to find the apostate always puzzles me. First we’re just supposed to find her, and then as soon as we find her, without even giving her a chance to talk, we have to kill her.
  • Guess we were going renegade on that one.
  • Again, I feel like maybe we could have tried to open a dialogue with the Avvar a little harder, but then again, sometimes a jerk is just a jerk.
  • Cole is so happy when we help people.
  • I guess that’s it for the Fallow Mire? Kind of a tiny, dead town.
  • I’ve been wondering what the debris is that’s bowing around after a fight, but I think it may be chunks of people?
  • Hm. I guess not picking the romance lock-in with Blackwall on the battlements makes you platonic for the rest of the game.
  • Oh, this is my favorite guy. The one attacking us with goats.
  • Off to Tevinter with you, Goat-Guy!
  • I still think anyone decorating Skyhall in early Tevinter Imperium might not be playing paragon.
  • Cass and Swords and Shields is the best thing.
  • Morris may be woefully underqualified, but I like him roughly a thousand times more than Threnn.
  • Ok, off to the Storm Coast to put down Darkspawn.
  • Cole’s probably thinking “why can’t we go anyplace dry?”
  • Curious to know what the story was, behind the Alpha Hurlock that died clutching onto a toy spinning wheel.
  • Uggh. I hate the cave where everyone decides to go stare at a wall whie a thousand giant spiders swarm you.
  • So far my favorite banter pair is Bull and Cole.
  • “What number am I thinking of?”
  • “…Twelve. The number I was thinking of was twelve.”

D23 Expo 2015, Everybody!

So this last weekend, I attended the biannual Walt Disney Company convention “D23 Expo 2015” for http://AllEars.Net.  It was tons of fun!  Also exhausting!  Tons of exhausting!

The first day, I was able to attend the preview of “Walt Disney Archives Presents—Disneyland: The Exhibit,” and wrote it up here, over at AllEars.Net


Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Eight: “Ouroboros”

Screencap from http://teen-wolf-mtv.wikia.com/wiki/Teen_Wolf_Wikia

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Deaton! And a rando! Not gonna lie rando, I don’t hold out a lot of hope for you.
  • RIP rando. We hardly knew ye.
  • Sheriff now wishing he didn’t make house calls.
  • Ow! But probably nothing he didn’t expect.
  • It’s a hurt, Melissa, but he’s not wrong.
  • Hayden’s sister was a pretty smooth worker there.
  • Oh double ow!
  • So Parrish never thinks it might be a good thing to tell anyone that he keeps waking up all soot and blood covered, not to mention naked?
  • Liam, didn’t you try that last time?
  • No, why would he think that Kira? Just because she was stabbed with your sword, you were wandering around by yourself, and he had to stop you from killing some other dude earlier this week?
  • Hate it when people pull out their own tubes at the hospital.
  • I’m not sure Scott got informed consent for that.
  • Ew. No, I do not want to look at whatever those guys left on your back.
  • Wow, it’s going to be sad if Parrish incinerates Hayden’s sister.
  • Claws and fangs are probably the least of your worries.
  • That is some unorthodox eye surgery.
  • This is a crappy day for poor Sheriff Stilinski.
  • Thank goodness for Mason, since I’m pretty sure Malia isn’t in a position to psychologically support Scott.
  • Hm, hope they opted for cremation.
  • #PeaceOutKira
  • Maybe a better question would be “when isn’t something wrong with you and your friends?”


Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: From the Ashes

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • This is gonna be the playthrough where we figure out crafting.
  • So this whole place is a dump, but Josephine already has her books shelved? How did she drag her books up the mountains?
  • I see Solas has his room set up as well. Like they used movers.
  • We walked to Haven? It seemed a lot longer coming over from there.
  • Wow, Solas really is a fast mover.
  • Oh it was all a dream. I hope the part about the archdemon and the Venatori was a dream too.
  • Of course you can join up, Cole. It’s not like we haven’t all killed people…lots of people…
  • Cole is so tragical.
  • Hawke!
  • Ok, Hawke, you’re starting out a bit of a downer.
  • “Sooo…you had friends back in Kirkwall. What…became of them? Not…Not that I care.” Subtle.
  • Oh Fenris.
  • Hm. It seems like it didn’t really matter whether you saved all the townspeople or not, because they all got replaced anyway.
  • Dorian is so awesome. I want us to be BFFs.
  • “Soporati” is apparently Tevinter for “muggle.”
  • I never know whether I should exhaust the dialogue trees or ration out the dialogue to try to last the game.
  • I guess not talking much to Vivienne didn’t endear us to her any.
  • Blackwall suddenly shrieking “WE CAN’T DO THIS, OURS IS A FORBIDDEN LOVE” always makes me feel like I missed something.
  • We were only chatting, Blackwall. You should have seen what Solas did while I was sleeping.
  • So wait–if we made Alistair king, and don’t side with the mages, we don’t get to see him at all?
  • WOE.
  • Ok, on to Lost Souls.

Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Seven: “Strange Frequencies”

Screencap from http://teen-wolf-mtv.wikia.com/wiki/Teen_Wolf_Wikia

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Nice Liam.  Maybe you should have gotten Mason to break the news to her.
  • Poor Hayden.  And on the other hand, chances are good she won’t need another kidney.
  • Oh Kira’s all mad at her Mom, because Kira almost killed her.  Seems fair.
  • It was never that clear to me whether Tamlyn still had her kitsune power, or if she had handed it all off to Kira.
  • So Stiles is going to leave his phone on, streaming video all night?  He must get way better battery life than I do.
  • Stiles’ jeep has seen more awkward convos play out than any other jalopy in Beacon Hills.
  • Pretty Theo.
  • Oh, pretty child-killer Theo.
  • Parrish, I don’t know if Lydia’s legal.
  • Boy, that is some swift karma from making out with an underage girl.
  • The playing card is very Manchurian Candidate.
  • Ok, this plan seems even more free-form than their usual plans.
  • These doctors don’t seem like they move all that fast.  Maybe everyone could just try running?
  • Why would all that blood spatter onto Stiles from Theo taking a fist to the face?  Like that would have to be arterial blood to spray like that.
  • Damn it, Parrish.
  • Mrs. McCall and Sheriff Stalinski seems so shocked that the corneal grafts were taken from dead people.  Gonna be a hard sell to convince someone alive to give you their corneas.
  • Either I can’t identify them under all the blood and…deadness…or Kira just iced some total rando.


Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode Six: “Required Reading”

Screencap from http://teen-wolf-mtv.wikia.com/wiki/Teen_Wolf_Wikia

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Did Mrs. McCall just stab Scott in the leg with an inhaler?
  • If I were Stiles, I think I’d want someone to look at my shoulder just to make sure another mouth wasn’t growing there.
  • Maybe one person could read the book, and the rest of them could observe objectively, rather than all of them tripping at once.
  • “Dread Doctors. 1/5 stars. Would not recommend.”
  • Uh oh. The overexposed lighting of nightmare sequences.
  • Just a guess, but I’m going to speculate that Lydia reeling backwards in horror at the sight of that girl’s alopecia isn’t exactly going to cheer her up.
  • Mason is the new Stiles.
  • …Or maybe Kira is dyslexic, which is why she’s almost failing English.
  • “Are you going to tell me why you’re dropping?” “Because you’ve been riding my ass since the semester started?”
  • That’s the big beef? An accidental injury you got from walking into a fight on your own initiative?
  • Aw, Liam came to the rescue!
  • Ok, shoving the inhaler into someone’s hand when they’re obtunded might not be all that effective.
  • Yeah, there’s something you didn’t miss from your pre-werewolf life.
  • Theo thinks everything is a chimera.
  • Frankly, if I were Lydia, I’d think that memory was horrible enough to stop right there.
  • Why is Malcolm McDowell advertising for lunchables?
  • Did…Liam just fluorescence Hayden’s eyes?  Is that some sort of chimera test we came up with when I wasn’t paying attention?
  • Stiles’ Mom!
  • Oh, Stiles’ Mom apparently walked out of “Ringu.”
  • Well Thank God somebody remembered they can turn into a wolf.
  • I mean seriously, does Scott do that anymore?  Did Posey develop an allergy to the makeup or something?
  • That was…messy.


Dragon Age Inquisition Thoughts: In Your Heart Shall Burn

Yes, I know this is from way earlier in the game, but apparently this is the only shot I took of the breech.

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Well ok, round up the Templars. There’s a breech that needs a’closing.
  • So probably something will go wrong, and then we’ll have to…oh, it’s over?
  • At this point, you might be justified in thinking that this game is going to be pretty short.
  • But look! Here’s Dorian! And Hell’s coming with him!
  • Ok, does it really seem like the little magical elf is the best one to arm the trebuchet?
  • Alright, time to take a deep breath while we try to save all the townspeople we inadvertently let die last time.
  • I did read a walkthough of how to save them all. I’m not proud of it, but this is the playthrough where no one gets left behind or forgotten.
  • Although Threnn is kind of a jerk.
  • Wow, I must really have let everyone die last time, because I totally don’t remember having to wind everyone up like the trebuchet.
  • Oh, I see Threnn is as gracious as always.
  • Ok, everyone’s safe in the Chantry.
  • Oh, Cullen says we’re all going to die.
  • Dorian is unimpressed with Cullen’s solution to our situation which is apparently “death.”
  • Roderick finally does a good thing.
  • Cullen sends us off with the sentimental “well, maybe you won’t die.”
  • Although at least he said bye. I guess Leiliana was busy yelling at the Maker some more.
  • Oh man, I think we just killed Alistair’s mom.
  • Why was the trebuchet facing towards Haven in the first place?
  • Corypheus maybe needs moisturizer.
  • Wait, how did everyone else on my team get away from Corypheus? Why didn’t we just follow them?
  • This walking through the snow segment was always kind of strange. You don’t do anything but walk straight and periodically pause to gasp for air.
  • Which, I guess, is pretty much how it would play out for me in real life.
  • Glad everyone’s so happy to find out I’m alive, they dump me in a corner and keep arguing.
  • I love the singing. The mp3 on the soundtrack is good, but doesn’t have the character voices.
  • Thanks Solas. Because after getting our headquarters destroyed and almost dying, and then walking uphill in the snow for forever, I needed more problems.
  • Solas, why did you let us kick it in poor indefensible Haven, when you had this sweet crib all along?
  • Well we can’t agree on anything, but the one thing we do know is that the magical elf should be in charge.
  • On to “From the Ashes.”