Teen Wolf, Season Five, Episode One: “Creatures of the Night”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Always like how Beacon Hill appears to be a totally normal town, until you turn down that one street and find like bats flying out of Arkham’s Asylum.
  • Hm.  Lydia not looking so hot.
  • I can tell you this much:  Not going to rush over to Eichen House for my mental health care.
  • Oh Hoechlin.  How could you leave us like this?  After all we’ve been to each other?
  • Poor Stiles–looking for an apartment in SF.  Like your life doesn’t already contain enough horror.
  • Ah, Beacon Hills life.  Where the best you can hope for is that no one tries to kill you for six months.
  • The black oil!  Parrish, haven’t you ever watched X-Files?
  • I feel like Stiles would carry more than just duct tape around for his jeep.  That thing’s a hero.
  • Mrs. McCall still doesn’t have any money?  RNs make pretty good bank.
  • Wait-they locked Lydia up and everyone was ok with that?
  • Tamlyn is maybe not the most reassuring Mom ever.
  • I wonder if this isn’t something O’Brien thinks about for reals, now that he’s poised to go all Jennifer Lawrence with “Maze Runner.”
  • Same old Kira. Loving the fancy swords, and forgetting all about the part where she can electrocute people.
  • Although, I guess you could argue that with the rain puddles, she might electrocute Scott as well.
  • Lydia..what?
  • I find it kind of hard to think that the school doesn’t just come in and clean the whole thing off the next day.
  • When the man says no second chances, he’s not kidding around.
  • Nooooo! Not the jeep!

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