Dragon Age 2: Act 3 Thoughts, Part 3

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ooo…Alistair.
  • So I’m already anti-Meredith just from the point where she yells at Alistair.
  • One of my favorite things I discovered this playthrough is stopping to chat with Seneschal Bran every once in awhile. He is just so done with everything.
  • GAAH. I hate that sound the spiders make as they drop down. It always startles me.
  • Yes Fenris. I believe we all understand that you are not “pro” on Merrill summoning the demon.
  • In retrospect, maybe we should have been more suspicious that Merrill prays to Mythal at the same-looking shrine that we used to free Flemeth.
  • Merrill and her Keeper really should have sat down to talk more.
  • No one seems all that happy to see Merrill again.
  • Well look on the bright side Merrill. At least we didn’t have to kill your whole clan, like last time.
  • Ok, maybe it’s time to tackle Legacy: The DLC I bet sold a lot more copies after DAI came out.
  • You know Varric, I think Cassandra may be very interested in this expedition.
  • Hey, Bethany’s back.
  • Malvernis the Defiler has an orb. It seems like that might be important, someday…
  • Man, this is a lot of dwarves. The whole Carta must be here trying to kill me.
  • I hope we find an exit home sometime. My backpack is almost full of torn trousers and stale biscuits.
  • Oh, hey, an orb. You don’t think…
  • Pretty sure obelisks aren’t supposed to be pulsing.
  • Why would we activate something like this anyway?
  • Well hi Malvernis.
  • This is a considerable amount of defiling Malvernis is trying to accomplish. Like I think we might die.
  • Sorry Varric…Er…walk it off?
  • Well nice to know my assassination attempts are getting you back in touch with old friends, Varric.
  • Ok, that’s pretty personal, Varric.
  • Ugh. I can’t pick up anything more.
  • Oh, thank goodness. A magical Return to Kirkwall statue.
  • This is the least used Chanter’s Board ever.
  • I think these dwarves have cataracts.
  • Say, this Corypheus fellow seems like a troublemaker.



Once Upon A Time, S4E20: “Lily”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • I think he’s a toyin’ with fate again.
  • I feel like we might have met the expiration date on that “friends forever” deal.
  • Half-Evil road trip!
  • Emma’s kind of a pill.
  • Man, how crumby do you have to be, when Regina’s more fun on a car trip than you?
  • This VW has nine lives.
  • I don’t usually assume a coffee shop also dispenses Advil.
  • Yeah, this can only end well.
  • Oh now she cares about her family.
  • Wow, Rumple is so much smarter than everyone else, it’s hardly a contest.
  • Nice work by Parilla in that scene! Although I’m not convinced that Emma would whack out this easy, I would have to say that I did not anticipate it going down this way.
  • I feel like the Apprentice isn’t helping matters.
  • I thought Regina had asked Belle for her heart?
  • Oh Belle. Don’t be a sap.
  • Oh Robin. Don’t be a sap.
  • Oh barf.


Once Upon A Time, S4E19: “Sympathy for the De Vil”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Maybe not a lot of agency in your choice of moral polarity if your parents name you “Cruella.”
  • I feel like Cruella, although admittedly over-the-top, has enough style to do her eyebrows more flatteringly.
  • Is it weird that Regina’s hair totally changed from one shot to the next? Or maybe she has magic hair?
  • Why doesn’t the magic in Storybrooke maintain Rumple’s heart like before?
  • Ok, thumbs up Regina. You go girl.
  • Unexpected.
  • Kind of a Crunderella number going on, here.
  • Wow, he bought her new flapper clothes and everything.
  • What a strange speakeasy. It looks like someone’s apartment.
  • I feel like we just wandered into “Mickey and the Magical Map” territory.
  • Emma: Princess of Overreaction.
  • Storybrooke needs better road cleaners.
  • Er…What?
  • This is a tale of some very disturbed people.
  • Pongo no!
  • He took from her…the ability to murder?
  • The thing she loved most…was murder?!
  • At least we know what the deal is with the eyebrows, now.
  • How did Emma fling Cruella backwards without her taking Henry with her?
  • I feel like normal people might commit manslaughter in self-defense, and not turn totally evil.


Once Upon A Time, S4E18: “Heart of Gold”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Emma’s pretty quick to shut her parents down in favor of finding the Author, when she’s the one who lost him in the first place.
  • It’s only been nine weeks? It seems like forever.
  • Always love it when someone breaks into your place, tries to kick you out, and then collapses on your doorstep.
  • Man, I love Robert Carlyle in all his incarnations in this show.
  • Ok, if Robin doesn’t extract some sort of a deal from Gold, he’s an IDIOT.
  • Oh hi Will. Fancy meeting you here.
  • You know, we have jumped around in time so much this episode, I’m not sure I know when in the timeline this is happening anymore.
  • Why is it that the Sheriff didn’t just imprison Robin for his past misdeeds? He doesn’t seem like the sort to abide by due process of law.
  • I guess locks haven’t changed much through the years?
  • Ok, not only was that not a secret drawer, it opened pretty much like a lot of normal drawers.
  • Marian’s kind of a pragmatic.
  • Wow, that was not a good bargain.
  • Maybe “wounded” was used as more of an abstract quality instead of describing actual myocardial infarction.
  • Wow–neither Robin nor the kid could tell the difference at all? Ew.
  • Oh, Robin is an idiot.
  • Carlyle has had some killer double entendre scenes this season.
  • I’m glad the only photo contact Robin has in his phone besides Regina is Granny’s Takeout.
  • You know, I don’t actually remember how Zelena killed Neal again–wasn’t he trying to enact some ritual to bring back his Dad?
  • Maybe Robin should consider locking his phone.


Once Upon A Time, S4E17: “Best Laid Plans”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Such a cute baby.
  • Well to be fair, teenagers are usually awful.
  • Regina: Not the most reassuring mom in the world.
  • Snow: Not the most trusting mom in the world.
  • Dude, August might not be your best friend.
  • Wow, because who would ever have thought Maleficent would cast a sleeping curse.
  • I don’t know I would walk into an Infinite Forest on the say-so of some total stranger.
  • Plus, weren’t they on their way to doing something?  Why would they just head off in some random direction to avoid Maleficent who was clearly occupied anyway?
  • Because doing bad things always works out well for Snow and Charming.
  • Henry, you might want to hurry up a bit.
  • Man, Snow and Charming are jerks.
  • Oh wow, that did not go well.
  • I can’t even believe Snow’s heart was not dark after that.
  • Oh, ok.
  • I feel like Emma might be overreacting a little.
  • The BFF!
  • How does August know everything? Shouldn’t he be the one who knew the least?
  • Walt?!
  • Nice going, Emma.


Once Upon A Time, S4E16: “Poor Unfortunate Soul”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • August is back! Along with his dubious moral fibre.
  • Ghostbusting merman!
  • Oh Belle. I feel like you should be sharper than this.
  • Plus, that whole pirate oath you swore last time to not tell anyone really didn’t take, did it?
  • Ha–I like how Emma’s “can you do that?” to Hook calls back to Ariel’s “can you do that?” To Ursula in the movie.
  • Why would Hook believe anything Ursula says, if he wronged her that bad?
  • Oh they used Fathoms Below–that’s nice.
  • So close to a nice gesture, Hook. So close.
  • Wait. Are you telling me there might be an actual reason for Will Scarlett to be hanging around? Besides an awesome agent?
  • Do not even tell me, Regina, that you’re going to take this Robin at face value.
  • Oops. Dream.
  • Poor CGI August.
  • Nice. How are you gonna get out to the ship? It’s nowhere near shore, and there’s obviously a stiff breeze blowing.
  • Well THAT could have gone better.
  • Ariel has always been a little off to me in Storybrooke. A little too harsh.
  • Why couldn’t Poseidon just paralyze Hook like before, and take the shell from him?
  • Why again, are we glad to see August, when all he ever did was abandon us, steal our stuff, and have us put in jail?
  • Also, do we honestly think Geppetto is going to be happy that his cute kid is gone, and this lying, disreputable guy is back?
  • “I’m good at surviving. Or you’re bad at killing.”
  • It’s lines like that that keep Hook an appealing character, despite his propensity to flip flop.
  • Aww. Who you gonna call? Poseidon!
  • Ok, I think Emma’s being a little disingenuous here.
  • Well, I guess we should have figured Ursula wasn’t as evil as all that, when she let Gold live with her and eat her ramen.
  • Wait, but if the villains can’t get their happy endings without Emma going dark side, how did Ursula get hers?

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