Once Upon A Time, S4E21: “Mother”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Well, there was a reason they called her the Evil Queen.
  • Oh hey, Cora.
  • Not helping, Robin.
  • Wait, the storybook is written in EVIL BLOOD INK?
  • The same storybook that was supposed to represent hope?
  • Also, are you telling me this Author traveled all around the Eastern Seaboard looking for stories, and never once had a bagel?
  • Nice to know that Nurse Ratchett still has her position after all these years. Who else does Regina still have down there, that needs nursing care?
  • Why is the Author working with Gold again?
  • I have trouble thinking this incident wouldn’t have come up the last time Regina and Cora spoke.
  • No touchee.
  • Not helping, Author.
  • Wow, Maleficent may actually be the least evil of any of them.
  • I wouldn’t be Old Henry for anything.
  • Oh ugh.
  • Well that could have gone better.
  • I guess when you have someone who hatched out of an egg, this probably shouldn’t be a surprise.
  • Regina gets such pretty outfits in The Enchanted Forest. I wonder if Parilla misses them when she stays in Storybrooke for the whole season?
  • Aww, Hook.
  • What, exactly, did Mary Margaret think she was going to accomplish here?
  • I’m glad they bonded over…mutual evil?
  • It is an unfortunate truth, that as soon as a character gets good/happy, they often get amazingly careless.
  • The Author is kind of a jerk.



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