Once Upon A Time, S4E19: “Sympathy for the De Vil”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Maybe not a lot of agency in your choice of moral polarity if your parents name you “Cruella.”
  • I feel like Cruella, although admittedly over-the-top, has enough style to do her eyebrows more flatteringly.
  • Is it weird that Regina’s hair totally changed from one shot to the next? Or maybe she has magic hair?
  • Why doesn’t the magic in Storybrooke maintain Rumple’s heart like before?
  • Ok, thumbs up Regina. You go girl.
  • Unexpected.
  • Kind of a Crunderella number going on, here.
  • Wow, he bought her new flapper clothes and everything.
  • What a strange speakeasy. It looks like someone’s apartment.
  • I feel like we just wandered into “Mickey and the Magical Map” territory.
  • Emma: Princess of Overreaction.
  • Storybrooke needs better road cleaners.
  • Er…What?
  • This is a tale of some very disturbed people.
  • Pongo no!
  • He took from her…the ability to murder?
  • The thing she loved most…was murder?!
  • At least we know what the deal is with the eyebrows, now.
  • How did Emma fling Cruella backwards without her taking Henry with her?
  • I feel like normal people might commit manslaughter in self-defense, and not turn totally evil.



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