Once Upon A Time, S4E18: “Heart of Gold”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Emma’s pretty quick to shut her parents down in favor of finding the Author, when she’s the one who lost him in the first place.
  • It’s only been nine weeks? It seems like forever.
  • Always love it when someone breaks into your place, tries to kick you out, and then collapses on your doorstep.
  • Man, I love Robert Carlyle in all his incarnations in this show.
  • Ok, if Robin doesn’t extract some sort of a deal from Gold, he’s an IDIOT.
  • Oh hi Will. Fancy meeting you here.
  • You know, we have jumped around in time so much this episode, I’m not sure I know when in the timeline this is happening anymore.
  • Why is it that the Sheriff didn’t just imprison Robin for his past misdeeds? He doesn’t seem like the sort to abide by due process of law.
  • I guess locks haven’t changed much through the years?
  • Ok, not only was that not a secret drawer, it opened pretty much like a lot of normal drawers.
  • Marian’s kind of a pragmatic.
  • Wow, that was not a good bargain.
  • Maybe “wounded” was used as more of an abstract quality instead of describing actual myocardial infarction.
  • Wow–neither Robin nor the kid could tell the difference at all? Ew.
  • Oh, Robin is an idiot.
  • Carlyle has had some killer double entendre scenes this season.
  • I’m glad the only photo contact Robin has in his phone besides Regina is Granny’s Takeout.
  • You know, I don’t actually remember how Zelena killed Neal again–wasn’t he trying to enact some ritual to bring back his Dad?
  • Maybe Robin should consider locking his phone.



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