Once Upon A Time, S4E17: “Best Laid Plans”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Such a cute baby.
  • Well to be fair, teenagers are usually awful.
  • Regina: Not the most reassuring mom in the world.
  • Snow: Not the most trusting mom in the world.
  • Dude, August might not be your best friend.
  • Wow, because who would ever have thought Maleficent would cast a sleeping curse.
  • I don’t know I would walk into an Infinite Forest on the say-so of some total stranger.
  • Plus, weren’t they on their way to doing something?  Why would they just head off in some random direction to avoid Maleficent who was clearly occupied anyway?
  • Because doing bad things always works out well for Snow and Charming.
  • Henry, you might want to hurry up a bit.
  • Man, Snow and Charming are jerks.
  • Oh wow, that did not go well.
  • I can’t even believe Snow’s heart was not dark after that.
  • Oh, ok.
  • I feel like Emma might be overreacting a little.
  • The BFF!
  • How does August know everything? Shouldn’t he be the one who knew the least?
  • Walt?!
  • Nice going, Emma.



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