Once Upon A Time, S4E16: “Poor Unfortunate Soul”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • August is back! Along with his dubious moral fibre.
  • Ghostbusting merman!
  • Oh Belle. I feel like you should be sharper than this.
  • Plus, that whole pirate oath you swore last time to not tell anyone really didn’t take, did it?
  • Ha–I like how Emma’s “can you do that?” to Hook calls back to Ariel’s “can you do that?” To Ursula in the movie.
  • Why would Hook believe anything Ursula says, if he wronged her that bad?
  • Oh they used Fathoms Below–that’s nice.
  • So close to a nice gesture, Hook. So close.
  • Wait. Are you telling me there might be an actual reason for Will Scarlett to be hanging around? Besides an awesome agent?
  • Do not even tell me, Regina, that you’re going to take this Robin at face value.
  • Oops. Dream.
  • Poor CGI August.
  • Nice. How are you gonna get out to the ship? It’s nowhere near shore, and there’s obviously a stiff breeze blowing.
  • Well THAT could have gone better.
  • Ariel has always been a little off to me in Storybrooke. A little too harsh.
  • Why couldn’t Poseidon just paralyze Hook like before, and take the shell from him?
  • Why again, are we glad to see August, when all he ever did was abandon us, steal our stuff, and have us put in jail?
  • Also, do we honestly think Geppetto is going to be happy that his cute kid is gone, and this lying, disreputable guy is back?
  • “I’m good at surviving. Or you’re bad at killing.”
  • It’s lines like that that keep Hook an appealing character, despite his propensity to flip flop.
  • Aww. Who you gonna call? Poseidon!
  • Ok, I think Emma’s being a little disingenuous here.
  • Well, I guess we should have figured Ursula wasn’t as evil as all that, when she let Gold live with her and eat her ramen.
  • Wait, but if the villains can’t get their happy endings without Emma going dark side, how did Ursula get hers?

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