Once Upon A Time, S4E15: “Enter the Dragon”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ooh, everyone got fantasy-noire outfits.
  • If I were Regina, I would have just poofed myself out and watched how fast the other three managed to take a powder.
  • This might, however, just indicate that I’m more evil than the four of them combined.
  • Wow–now we find out why Maleficent always wears a hat. That’s some bad bed head.
  • Maleficent…is an Ab Fab reject?
  • King Stefan undid the curse? This seems a little incestuous.
  • I must say, I think Parilla is doing a much better job differentiating good/young Regina from evil Regina now. I was always a little unconvinced before.
  • I also like her hair longer.
  • This seems like a bad idea, Emma.
  • OMG. I still have no idea what Will Scarlet is adding to this whole thing, or why we see him each week for no apparent reason.
  • I’m not a bail bondsman, but shouldn’t Emma be following more than about five feet behind them?
  • So basically we can chalk Maleficent’s evil up to Mila’s horribleness too.
  • For some reason I remembered Aurora as blond.
  • Well that was an ineffective escape attempt.
  • Oh Belle, you are maybe not all that perceptive.
  • Ok, if Belle doesn’t think something is weird about this, then she isn’t even trying.
  • Although boy, she did take up with Will pretty quick after Rumple left.
  • Oh, hey August.

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