Dragon Age 2: Act 2 Thoughts Part 2, Take 2

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Merrill: “They must think I’m a monster!” Fenris: “You are a monster.”
  • Not helping, Fenris.
  • I guess I could try bringing Gaspard along with me this time.
  • That was a lot of blood from the one vial. How many gallons did you take from Alessa?
  • Gaspard, you rat-bastard.
  • As irritating a mother as I found Leandra, her death does feel like one of the few quests that really has an impact on Hawke. Hawke just cannot catch a break.
  • Poor Seamus. Thedas just wasn’t ready.
  • Nothing you need after a hard day of watching Qunari sink an arrow into Patrice, than to come home and find Aveline and Isabella tearing up the place.
  • Oh now Bethany sounds like she blames me for Leandra’s death. The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.
  • Wow, I did everything possible in Act 2 to raise up Isabela’s friendship, and she still didn’t come back. I can’t believe I’m going to have to practically start over if I want to keep her.
  • Fine. Time to learn how cheat codes work.
  • Poor Arishok. You should just take the Tome and go.
  • Hard to believe Hawke can just shake off a couple impalements like that
  • Thanks for the Champion-ship Meredith. Don’t applaud, just throw money.

2 thoughts on “Dragon Age 2: Act 2 Thoughts Part 2, Take 2”

  1. It was honestly a surprise to me when Isabela came back for me in my game. With the way things had been going between us, I didn’t expect that. I’m still not sure how I had our relationship high enough for that.

    Hey, if nothing else works, you could always try romancing her to get her to stay.

    1. It’s totally boggling to me, because I’ve played this game more than once, and never had a problem with her not coming back before. I can only assume that I must have missed getting a mission with her or something in Act 1, that put me so deep in the hole with her approval that I couldn’t make it back up in Act 2.

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