Once Upon A Time, S4E14: “Unforgiven”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • What a cute baby Neal is.
  • Because deceit always works out well in Storybrooke.
  • I’m not sure your personal love life qualifies as “bigger problems,” Regina.
  • Ugh. Belle is maybe not the person you want protecting the magical artifacts.
  • Valiant =/= brainy
  • Cruella isn’t much for paying her parking tickets.
  • Hm. This doesn’t seem to be Snow and Charming’s shining hour.
  • Hey, remember when Emma could tell when people were lying to her? Anyone?
  • I guess Regina isn’t simpatico with all little boys.
  • Snow and Charming go to Avatar?
  • Wow, they really used to be better fighters.
  • …Or not.
  • People are always so much more blasé about coming back from the dead than I’d imagine.
  • Oh, Snow. I am disappoint.
  • WAT.
  • Who…would…with Maleficent…
  • Will Scarlet’s agent is the best. There is no other way he would still be photobombing this show otherwise.

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