Dragon Age 2: Act 2 Thoughts, Part 2

Spoiler thoughts:

  • The years have apparently not been kind to Bartrand.
  • Yeah, cutting bits off your servants and making them eat each other is probably not the way to reduce turnover.
  • I feel like Varric would regret killing Bartrand. Off to the Home for Disturbed Lyrium-Addled Dwarves you go.
  • Oh hey, it’s Grace again in the Gallows, all bitter and angry that I didn’t give them food or something. Maybe blame your blood-mage boyfriend for your bad planning and leave me out of it.
  • I feel like maybe Donnic should have had a clue about Aveline a little earlier, but then again, perhaps that’s why they make a good pair.
  • Isabella has a lot to say about Aveline’s love life, but you can wind up with some rivalry points with her, even if you tell Aveline to listen to her. I guess she’s really not into monogamy.
  • While I think Merrill is misguided about delving into the whole Eluvian thing, the Keeper seems a little harsh in making her out to be a scary bedtime story to the rest of the elves.
  • These varterral are mystifying. They’re always supposed to be protecting the elves, and yet I have never met one that wasn’t as happy to chomp on an elf as anyone else.
  • Sure Merrill. Take the knife. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Ok Anders. I’ll help you find Sir Alrik. I just think this might not turn out as well as you’re hoping.
  • I hate to tell you “I told you so,” Anders…
  • Anders seems to think we stopped him from killing this poor traumatized Mage, but actually, it kind of looked like we were going to just sit there while he smited her.
  • Why does everyone run away from me after their personal quests?
  • Wow, the Golden Prince’s Rainment armor that Hawke is currently wearing, has got to be one of the most ridiculous-looking armors ever.
  • Oh Cullen. I know you’ve been through a lot, but you could really be coming down a little harder against the “tranquilize all mages” plan.
  • You too, Mother Elphina.
  • Patrice continues to be the worst.
  • Isabella, you are not helping the reputation of pirates.
  • Look Aveline, it doesn’t seem to be a good day to discuss taking the elves away from the Arishok.
  • Hm. I never got this dialogue with Ser Bran before. It’s nice he was kind of close to Seamus.
  • I like how, the closer we get to war with the Qunari, the more the load screens give you helpful advice like “FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, SAVE! SAVE AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT!”
  • Hey, it’s Stroud. Making his usual 1 minute cameo appearance.
  • And enter Merideth. She seems awfully young-looking. Maybe it’s the red lyrium.
  • Ok, time to dance with the Arishok.
  • Wait, isn’t Isabella supposed to come back now
  • Err…Isabella, now would be a good time…
  • Oh, for the Love of Pete.  Isabella’s not coming back.
  • I must not have gotten enough approval with her.
  • Ghgghrhghrhghggh.
  • Reload.



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