Dragon Age 2: Act 1, Deep Roads Expedition Thoughts

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Glad we start off with another heartwarming scene with Best Mom Leandra. “No! Don’t take Bethany! I don’t care if you never come back…”
  • Bartrand: Maybe not the guy you want to go camping with, for a couple weeks.
  • “You wander around in the dark too long, you’ll be eaten by a grue. I read that somewhere. “
  • It’s a wonder they don’t figure out that Sandal’s probably more useful than anything they’re likely to find in the Deep Roads.
  • Say Hawke, maybe you want to put on some gloves before touching the lyriu…oh never mind.
  • Hey, thanks for bringing me along on this family outing, Varric.
  • Bartrand, you goober.
  • I wonder who makes the deal with the rock wraith? You have to figure that you’re not going to be left stranded there forever if you kill it. I guess if you’re going for rivalry just for the heck of it.
  • Given that these chests are netting me about 10 sovereigns, I’m not so sure this is gonna put us on Easy Street.
  • Hey everybody, I’m back! Oh I see you’ve met Cullen…oh…
  • Wait, let me guess, Leandra. This is my fault too.



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